2009 Fire Engineering Authors Index

Adams, B. The 75-Foot Quint: Know What it Can Do. Feb, p75; Apparatus Body Materials: Read Between the Lines. Feb, p105
Anderson, W. Training Tool: Documenting Working Fires. Apr, p177
Arnold, B. PPV in Single-Family Dwellings: Not the Only Option. Oct, p118
Auen, T. CAD: Is Your System Universal? (Technology Today) Feb, p110
Auferoth, S. Conditioning New Recruits: The Physical Readiness Program. Dec, p65

Bachman, E. Situational Awareness: The First Line of Defense. Nov, p61
Baker, L. Bolt Cutter Uses. (Extrication Tactics) Apr, p48
Barakey, M. Officer Development: Career Path or Officer’s Academy? Jul, p99; Fire Incident Reporting: Accurate Data Will Market Your Department. Dec, p77
Bennett, B. Do You Have a Plan for Managing Bomb Threats? Sept, p73
Blount, J. New Training Officer: Life in the Fast Lane. Jul, p45
Boyle, M. Belt Up! (Fire Commentary) Feb, p108
Brennan, C. You Want Me To Do What? The Pysiology and Psychology of Firefighting. Dec, p45
Bricault, M. Residential Search and Rescue Carr ies and Drags. Mar, p127
Brunacini, A. More Cool School: The IC’s Need to “Disconnect”. (Rules of Engagement) Jan, p176; Evolution of the Change Process. (Rules of Engagement) Feb, p124; More Change Lessons. (Rules of Engagement) Mar, p.192; “Chief, What Does This Have To Do With Me?” (Rules of Engagement) Apr, p228; A Ready/Aim/Fire Change Plan. (Bruno “Unplugged”) May, p52; Boxes and Arrows. (Bruno “Unplugged”) Jun, p46; Start at the Beginning. (Bruno “Unplugged”) Jul, p42; We Play the Way We Practice. (Bruno “Unplugged”) Aug, p54; Showtime. (Bruno “Unplugged) Sept, p54; Critiques = Keepin’ Score. (Bruno “Unplugged”) Oct, p64; Always Fixin’ Ourselves. (Bruno “Unplugged”) Nov, p44; Mess Management. (Bruno “Unplugged”) Dec, p42
Buckheit, M. US Airways Flight 1549: New York Marine Operations. Jul, p55
Burkhart, E.F. Danger of Arc Flash, The. (Speaking of Safety) Jul, p102  

Capaul, J. Fire Service Brotherhood. (One-Minute Motivator) Apr, p210
Carpenter, B. Officer Development: Filling the New Officer’s Toolbox. Jul, p95
Carroll, N. Developing Proficiency in Today’s Firefighters. (Volunteers Corner) Jan, p12
Carver, C. Sometimes Technology Is Not the Answer. (Fire Commentary) May, p107
Case, D. Response to Crash of Flight 3407. Aug, p57
Ciampo, M. Who Had the Nozzle? (On Fire) May, p204; Two Hands, Two Tools. (On Fire) Jun, p128; An H-Type Debate. (On Fire) Jul, p124; Remove the Balusters. (On Fire) Aug, p136; Twice in a Tour. (On Fire) Sept, p132; It’s Just a Pile of Leaves. (On Fire) Oct, p152; “Smells Like Food.” (On Fire) Nov, p124; Trimming a Window. (Training Notebook). Dec, p20; It’s More than Fires. (On Fire) Dec, p148.
Cline, K. Do You Have a “Healthy” Fire Department? Aug, p107
Coleman, J. Budget vs. Training Needs. (Roundtable) Apr, p62; When Technology Fails. (Roundtable) May, p40; Large-Area Search: What Are We Really Accomplishing? Jun, p105; Officer Development Training. (Roundtable) Jul, p30; Recruiting New Hires. (Roundtable) Aug, p42; Disaster Response Capabilities. (Roundtable) Sept, p42; Minimum Engine Staffing. (Roundtable) Oct, p56; Mass Decon. (Roundtable) Nov, p34; Tobacco Policy. (Roundtable) Dec p34.
Collins, L. More Rapid Intervention: “Grab-and-Go” Turnout Handles. Feb, p95; ShakeOut San Andreas Earthquake Scenario: Lessons Learned. Apr, p111
Columbi Jr, R. Ship Fires vs. Structure Fires: Differences and Perperation. Nov, p79
Comstock, D. Ban on Body Ink, The. (Fire Service Court) Nov, p105
Cook, L. Everyday Hazmat: The Inappropriate Mixing of Household Chemicals. Nov, p47
Corbett, G. (The Professor) Mar, p143
Cote, R. SCBA Inspection and Testing. (Technology Today) Aug, p121
Cranwell, M. US Airways Flight 1549: New Jersey Rescue Operations. Jul, p61
Cross, C. Making Preconnects Work. (Training Notebook) Oct, p24

Dalrymple, D. Stages of Coordinated Vehicle Rescue. (Extrication Tactics) Feb, p22; Rescue and Alternative Vehicle Power. Apr, p151;
Dalton, J., R. Backstrom, and S. Kerber. Structural Collapse: The Hidden Dangers of Residential Fires. Oct, p88a
Daskal, B. Fire/EMS Training Tips. (Fire Service EMS) Jan, p22; Tips for Working with Law Enforcement. February, p89; Back to Basics: Traction Splinting. (Fire Service EMS) Mar, p46; What’s on Your Head? w/D. Rodahan. Apr, p161; Captain: The First 60 Days. (Volunteers Corner) Oct, p14;
Davis, J. Capnography: A Tool for Every Patient. Jan, p99
Dean, A. Must-Take Course for Hazmat Responders, A. Nov, p97
DeCrane, S. Firefighter Involvement Helps Pass ICC Codes. Jan, p105
DeLisi, S. Strategies for Safer Driving. February, p57
DeStefano, D. Firefighting Challenges in Converted Mills. Jan, p93; Orientation Pause, The. (Training Notebook) May, p18;
DiGiovanni, A. Demystifying Turnout Gear Terminology. (Technology Today) Apr, p212
DiRenzo, D. Personal Harness Use for Firefighter Rescue. Sept, p89
Dittmar, Mary Jane. New Technologies Focus on First Responder “Capability Gaps” and Needs, Part 1. May, p55; New Technologies Focus on First Responder “Capability Gaps” and Needs, Part 2. Jun, p63
Donnelly, T. High-Rise Glass Removal Operations. Sept, p95; Garden Apartment and Townhouse Fires. (Training Notebook) Nov, p16
Dove, P. Alarm Response Policies: To Go or Not To Go? (Fire Commentary) Jan, p111
Dunne, T. Managing Big Fires 101: Divide and Conquer. Aug, p77  

Emery, J. Hybrid Vehicles: Separating Fact from Fiction. Jul, p73

Fesi, F and R. Ragen. Response to a Radiation Threat. Jul, p91
Finazzo, S. Camp Builds Skills for Staff and Cadets. Aug, p93
Fisher, D. Unique Challenges of Fires in Straw-Built Construction, The. Apr, p195
Flatley, C. The Learning Curve. (Training Notebook) Mar, p20
Flynn, J. Operating Safely on Fire Escapes. Mar, p87
Fuerch, R. Preplanning Buildings with Vertical Renovations. Sept, p105

Gagliano, A. What Every Firefighter’s Spouse Should Know. (Fire Commentary) Dec, p89
Gallagher, K. Dangers of Modular Construction, The. May, p95
Garcia, K and R. Kauffman. Realistic Live-Burn Training You Can Afford. May, p89; Pressurized Fire Attack Precautions: The “Big Threee.” (Fire Engineering University supplement) Dec
Godshall, S. and B. Seasholtz. Site Drawings Aid in Fire Attack. (Volunteers Corner) Apr, p14
Goplin, R. “Rapid Preintervention.” (Real-World RIT) Oct, p46
Grant, S. Miracle on the Freeway: Story of Survival. Oct, p89
Grant, S and L. Stephens. Prying and Opening Tips. (Tricks of the Trade) Mar, p28
Gustin, B. Critical Components of Size-Up. Apr, p79
Guzzi, A. The Interior Team. (The Truck Company) Mar, p42; Tank Water: The 500-Gallon Onboard Water Supply. Oct, p95
Gyore, P. Fire Station Alerting Controls. (Technology Today) Sept, p123

Haigh, C and J. Swanson. Fire Chaplains Integral Part of Response Team. Aug, p101
Hall, G. Toxicology of Smoke Inhalation. (Fire Service EMS) Aug, p30
Halton, B. How Much Fire Service Can We Really Do Without? (Editor’s Opinion) Jan, p8; The Right Thing and the Right Way. (Editor’s Opinion) Feb, p8; Achieving a Just Fire Service. (Editor’s Opinion) Mar, p8; The Fire Truck. (Editor’s Opinion) Apr, p8; Where’s the Beef? (Editor’s Opinion) May, p8; Going to the Next Level of a Safety Culture. (Editor’s Opinion) Jun, p8; What We Know Ain’t So. (Editor’s Opinion) Jul, p8; New Boss, New Rules. (Editor’s Opinion) Aug, p10; Scarface, Easy, Lord Jim, Little Boy, and Butch. (Editor’s Opinion) Sept, p8; With Liberty and Justice for All. (Editor’s Opinion) Oct, p8; The “How’s” Are Local. (Editor’s Opinion) Nov, p8; Smoking Monkeys and Two in/Two Out. (Editor’s Opinion) Dec, p8.
Hamrick, M. Choosing the Right Weapon. (The Engine Company) Oct, p30
Hammond, F. Basic Fire School: A Teaching Tool for Probies and Veterans. (Training Notebook) Jan, p16
Hancock, T. Portable Firefighter Survival Maze. Apr, p103
Hasenmeier, P. Training Evolutions: The Crucial “C’s.” Apr, p191; Train for School Bus Emergencies. (Training Notebook) Sept, p22
Hawley, C., G. Noll, and M. Hildebrand. Need for Joint Hazards Assessment Teams. (Terrorism and the Fire Service Supplement) Sept, p6
Hayes, G. Ethanol-Blended Fuels: The Basics. Nov, p75
Hermann, S. Emergency Response Guidebook: 2008 Revisions of Notebook. Nov, p101
Hill, H. Risk Management on the Fireground. Oct, p122
Hittle, S. Interior Size-Up from the Door. Mar, p99
Houston, T. The IC’s Guide to Mayday Response. (Real-World RIT) Mar p36

Joerger, S. Engine Company Options for an Initial Action Plan. Oct, p79
Johnson Sr, B. Advice for the New Kids in the “House.” Apr, p125
Johnson, C. Realistic Vent-Enter-Search Training. (Training Notebook) Aug, p18

Kanarian, S. Pediatric Seizures: Routine or Danger in Disguise? (Fire Service EMS) Feb, p30
Kastros, A. Fire Service Assessment Centers: Beyond the Books. Oct, p109
Kazmierzak B. and F. Reeder. The Company Officer: The Perfect Training Officer. Jul, p67
Kennedy, M. The Training Safety Officer: Ensuring Safe Evolutions. Jun, p109
Kenney, T. Arm in Folding Machine Tests Medical and Rescue Skills. (The Rescue Company) Sept, p30
King, J. Trust: The Five Tenets of Leadership. Aug, p117
Kiurski, T. Connecting with the Community. (Fire Prevention Bureau) Oct, p130
Knapp, J. Engine Company Skills Can Make or Break Your Department. (Volunteers Corner) Feb, p14; Inspections Maintain the Edge. (Volunteers Corner) Jun, p12;
Kreis, T. The Impact of Solar Energy on Firefighting. Jan, p.79

Ladd, D and C. Gauthier. Bioterrorism Response: Does the Way Forward Lie in Our Past? (Terrorism and the Fire Service Supplement) Sept, p24
LaFemina, F. Experience-Based Scenarios Enhance Survival Training. Apr, p143
Leach Jr, B. Hydraulic Rescue Tools: Operation and Maintenance. Sept, p115
Leihbacher, D. Managing Vehicle Fires Safely. Jun, p85
Linville, J. Become an “Occupational Athlete.” Dec, p73
Loflin, M. Incident Commander Checklist: A Quick Reference Guide. Aug, p65
Lombardo, M. Training and Discipline for a Safer Fire Service. Jun, p101
Love, M. Chief Must Advocate Building Fire Safety. (Fire Prevention Bureau) Jan, p109

Mardell, A. Improvising Fire Service Response to STEMI. (Fire Service EMS) May, p30
Marinucci, R. Response Time. (The Chief Problem Solver) Feb, p26; The Problem: No Money! (The Chief Problem Solver) May, p26; Everyone Goes Home. (Speaking of Safety) Jun, p115; When an “Expert” Challenges Your Operations. (The Chief Problem Solver) Aug, p26; People Problems. (The Chief Problem Solver) Nov, p30
Marsar, S. Survivability Profiling: Are the Victims Savable? Dec, p69
Martin, A. and T. Mims. Autism Awareness for Responders. (Fire Service EMS) Apr, p56
Martin, N. Forcible Entry Techniques for One Firefighter. Oct, p85
McCormack, J. Fireground Radio Channel: To Switch or Not to Switch? (Real-World RIT) May, p22
McBride, P. Firefighting Tactics for Noncombustible Buildings. May, p73
McEvoy, M. Syncope: Chasing Causes. Mar, p113;
McKee, T. Prepare for “Unusual” Hazmat Incidents. (Hazmat: On The Line) Nov, p114
McLeod, F. Building Your Own Station House Map. (Innovations: Homegrown) Mar, p147
McNamara, G. Controlling Communications During a Critical Incident. (Terrorism and the Fire Service Supplement) Sept, p32
Mirkhah, A. and D. Comstock Jr. Lightweight Construction: Is Now the Time to Push for Sweeping Industry Changes? Jun, p49   
Montagna, F. Why Do We Do That? Mar, p107
Moore, M. Pierce Ultimate Configuration, The. (Technology Today) Nov, p116
Moore, T. Homes That Won’t Burn? (Technology Today) Jan, p115
Muhammed, J. Matter of National Security, A. (Fire Commentary) Sept, p120
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Murphy, J. Are You Preplanning Your Buildings? Jan, p85; Training Officer Liabilities. (Fire Service Court) Apr, p207; Is There Ever Enough Time? (Volunteers Corner) Jul, p12

Naylis, G. Tips from the Pump Panel. (Points to Ponder) Oct, p128
Nasta, M. Dangers of Fiberglass Roof Panels. (What We Learned) Dec, p85
Neal, D, G. Gregg, and P. Collins. Response Considerations for Data Centers. Oct, p99
Nedder, J. Recruitment + Training = Retention. (Volunteers Corner) Sept, p14

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Pinsky, B. NIMS Directives and Liability. (Fire Service Court) Mar, p144
Piper, M. Finding Skilled Help in Your Community. (Volunteers Corner) Aug, p14
Poulin, T. O Leader, Where Art Thou? Aug, p97
Praeger, C. Metal Buildings for Firehouses. (Technology Today) Jan, p116
Prziborowski, S. Why Stage for Law Enforcement? Jun, p97; 101 Drills for the Company Officer. Jul, p87.

Radtke, L. LODD Standard Operating Guideline. (Volunteers Corner) Dec, p14
Reichenbach, S. Situational Awareness: Key to Emergency Response. Mar, p137
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Shupert, S. Using Power Tools Efficiently and Safely. Feb, p81
Simpson, J. Training for Railroad Emergencies.(Training Notebook) Jun, p20
Sitz, T. Searching for a Conscious Lost Firefighter. (Training Notebook) Jul, p18
Skinner, S. Aerial Thermal Imaging Aids Fireground Strategy. May, p103
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Auen, T. CAD: Is Your System Universal? (Technology Today) Feb, p110
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