Company-Level Drills

In many parts of the country, the winter months feature weather conditions not conducive to outside training drills. That doesn’t mean the drills should cease. Now is an excellent time to have some of the informal “Quick Drills” Martin Grube has described in past drills of the week, or use this week’s drill to spur conversation.

Author Carl Bittenbender calls these drills “Coffee Talk: Company-Level Drills.” According to Bittenbender, ” Coffee talk is an off-the-cuff, or unplanned, company drill. Company members or senior members can present scenarios to the crew while sitting around the kitchen table any time during the shift. Members can discuss methods of operation when presented with different scenarios, often incorporating departmental standard operating procedures (SOPs) as well as company-specific functions.”

You can use the seven photos and descriptions listed in his article as guides to developing your own company-level drill or take pictures of your own first-due response area.

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