Drawn by Fire: How Many Dragons?

Firefighter knight confronting a drago
Paul Combs/Drawn by Fire

Just how many dragons does it take to kill or injure a knight? I think the answer is obvious, but so many see live fire training as an unnecessary task when they can watch videos, sit through lectures, or stretch dry or wet lines behind the firehouse. “All we run is EMS,” “we’re a small department,” “we don’t have as many fires as we used to!” The excuses are many… whether you’re career or volunteer. So, again, how many dragons does it take?

It’s simple, really. If you have access to live fire training resources, use them! Train in them over and over… because the dragon doesn’t care if you’re a medic, chief officer, volunteer, career, young, old, rookie or veteran! The dragon will be relentless and vicious—what will you be?

STAY FIRED UP, and train!

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