Drill Of The Week: Two In/Two Out

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Standards and regulations exist to enhance firefighter safety. One important standard or regulation is language usually referred to as “two in/two out” requiring a stand-by rescue team equipped and prepared to intervene on behalf of initial attack crews in the event they get into trouble. This team must be assembled and on-scene prior to crews making entry unless certain factors such as known occupants who are trapped are present upon arrival. Each officer must make decisions about entry into a structure keeping in mind this standard. This rule that was enacted to protect us by providing a rescue team while we are operating. Review your department’s two in/two out policy or SOG to answer the drill’s discussion questions. Also, discuss the difference between this stand-by rescue team and a true Rapid Intervention Team (RIT). Use the accompanying photo or other photos of incidents in and around your first due to determine some decisions that should be made by first-arriving company officers depending on scenarios you outline for each photo.

The complete drill is located at FirefighterCloseCalls.com.

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