Chicago firefighters laddering a building

Firefighter Training Drill: Laddering the Building

Throwing ground ladders to all windows of the structure provides immediate access to the building as well as immediate access out it.
Indianapolis firefighter with full SCBA and face piece

Firefighter Training Drill: Face Piece Communications

Mark van der Feyst reviews a simple drill to train on achieving clear communications on the fireground.
SCBA quick connect

The SCBA Tug: Ensure You Are Connected

Mark van der Feyst presents a back-to-basics drill on making sure your firefighters' self-contained breathing apparatus connections are solid.
Hydrant kit bag

Firefighter Training Drill: The Hydrant Kit

Mark van der Feyst offers a simple training drill to review the contents of the hydrant kit, review/practice its deployment, and practice equipment placement.

Firefighter Training Drill: Gate Valve the Hydrant

Mark van der Feyst offers this new drill on practicing securing a hydrant for a water source by adding gate valves to all ports.

PPE Drills: Donning Quickly and Properly

Besides quickly turning out for a response, donning your personal protective equipment (PPE) proficiently is one of the proven ways to save time and lives on the fireground.

Drills You’re Not Going to Find in the Books

Raul A. Angulo examines and questions the fire service’s motivations for training and offers these helpful drills that will improve any department’s efficiency.
Firefighters attack a vehicle fire

Company Drills: Keep Them Coming Back for More

With proper preparation and practice delivery, a company officer can make any drill great. Drew Smith writes about excellence in firefighter training.
Firefighters at a training evolution at FDIC 2018

Enhancing Operational Readiness One Drill at a Time

G. Howard Blythe describes how a fire department achieved measurable improvements in performance by instituting a training program that focused on proficient execution of individual tactics and then permitting personnel to determine when to apply the improved skills into operations.

FDIC Preview: John Buttrick Encourages “Respectful Entry: Through-the-Lock and Beyond”

The focus will be on the most common residential and commercial locks and the numerous options to defeat them whether on EMS calls, service calls, or the fireground. Methods, tools, and tactics used for nondestructive entry, through-the-lock, and light forcible entry are presented, including using these methods on occupied/possibly occupied dwellings/structures.