Mayday Monday: Patrick Wolterman

Mayday Monday: Brief Initial Report

Tony Carroll reviews the 2015 line-of-duty death of Hamilton (OH) Firefighter Patrick Wolterman and one lesson we can draw from it.

Humpday Hangout: Effective Company-Level Drills

On this week's Humpday Hangout, the panel will discuss best practices for training at the small group or company level, including hands-on drills, district familiarization, and empowering members to take ownership of their company’s fireground efficiency.

Mayday Monday: The Role of the RIT

Are you ready to respond to a firefighter in distress? Tony Carroll shares some information on out-of-air emergencies and the role of the rapid intervention team.

The ‘Scavenger Hunt’ Drill: A New Way to Train

Robin House explains how conducting this classic game with your crews can improve their knowledge of your response area.

Mayday Monday: Out-of-Air Emergencies

In this month's drill, Tony Carroll looks at an out-of-air emergency line-of-duty death and its implications for firefighter training.

The Rochester Drill: Rescuing a Firefighter Trapped in the Floor

The Rochester Drill outlines and illustrates how to rescue a firefighter who is trapped in a failed floor but who has not fallen through.

How to Plan and Execute a Large-Scale Training Drill

Jerry Knapp looks at a proven method for designing large-scale fire department training drills and outlines the steps to create one based on water flow testing.

The Importance of Wildfire Evacuation Drills to At-Risk Communities

Kevin Cashman explains the benefits of how conducting wildfire evacuation drills will prepare communities for the increasing likelihood of these destructive, increasingly common disasters.

High-Rise Hose Stretch Training Kit

Carl Meyer explains how having this training kit accessible on the apparatus can facilitate crews in practicing how to estimate hose stretches for fires in high-rises and other structures.
Firefighters training at FDIC International

Drill Development: It’s Not Rocket Science, But It Is Science

Bob Carpenter offers a summary of five “Laws of Adult Learning” that have become the blueprint for many productive departmentwide initiatives and company training.