Firefighter removing his SCBA face piece

Mayday Monday: Face Piece Maintenance and Management

What would prompt a firefighter to remove his or her face piece in the IDLH environment? This month's Mayday Monday drill from Tony Carroll explores training possibilities on such an event.

How Leaders Can Prevent Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Their Firefighters

The author explains how leaders can train firefighters to prepare for and face potentially traumatic events using methods that significantly reduces the chances of suffering post-traumatic stress disorder. Included are developing strengths in the firefighters that make them physically and emotionally stronger; interpersonal relations, and support and follow-up after the event.

Plastic Tubing Ax Scabbards

One of the iconic symbols of the fire service is the pickhead fire ax. Raul Angulo looks at some of the considerations for carrying this tool and some tricks of the trade to help with safety concerns.

Five Tips on Short Staffing in Rural Departments

To combat the issue of short-staffing in rural fire departments, consider these five steps that work time and time again.

“Paul’s Way”: Forcing an Outward Swinging Door

Using this new technique as a lone firefighter to force an outward swinging door will minimize damage while decreasing frustration.

Drills You Won’t Find in the Books: Class A Foam

Raul A. Angulo writes, "These experiments are fun to watch and easy to perform right at the firehouse kitchen table for a “rainy day” drill. They’ll also go a long way in making firefighters believers of the benefits of Class A foam to enhance fire extinguishment."  

The “What If” Drill

What if smoke was showing on arrival? What if this simple call turned into something more serious? What if this was a working fire and the crew with you at that moment was all you had during the event's first 10 minutes?

Drills You Won’t Find in the Books: Bangor Ladder Rescue for H-Shaped Buildings

By Raul Angulo The two pieces of equipment firefighters tend to avoid when drilling are charged 2½-inch hose and Bangor ladders, mainly because they’re heavy and hard to handle. Since 1¾- and 2½-inch hose come...