Drill of the Week: Vehicle Extrication

While not every company carries hydraulic tools and other vehicle rescue tools, it is still important to review the procedures for accessing trapped victims at a vehicle accident.

Drill of the Week: Hose Testing

Though there are services out there that will test the hose your rig carries and document it for you, if your department has the time, going through the hose testing process is a good way to review some pump operations with your engineers as well as have your crew learn what goes into maintaining your attack lines so they don't fail when you need them most.

Drill of the Week: Hose Handling II

Hose Handling II covers maneuvering a hoseline and developing the teamwork necessary to direct it. Not all of us are in the best shape, nor are all of us built like Rocky. When your backup man isn't working to compensate for the pressure at the nozzle, you'll know it, and you'll be spent sooner.

Drill of the Week: Physical Fitness II

The objective of this week's drill is to build on the Physical Fitness I drill by combining endurance with strength. It will help members evaluate their own physical fitness plan begun with Physical Fitness I.

Drill of the Week: Haz-Mat Operations

Not all of us are haz-mat technicians, but many of us are trained to the operations level, and most, if not all of us, have awareness training. What this means is that all of us may find ourselves at the scene of a haz-mat incident at any time and that we should be aware of what is happening, and why.

The Relieving Lieutenant

As a company officer one of the best things you can do is communicate to the crew. Explain what you want, and train with them so you are all on the same page.

Drill of the Week: Hot Weather Emergencies

The objective of this week's drill is to review the protocols and procedures for treating injuries and illnesses associated with hot weather.

Drill of the Week: High-Rise Response

Responses to incidents in these buildings include labor-intensive operations that quickly take their toll on participants. Calling for help early and often will probably be the name of the game for fires in these types of mixed occupancies.

Drill of the Week: Foam Hoselines

This week's drill offers an opportunity for apparatus operators and crew members to reacquaint themselves with this operation, because when the IC calls for a foam line, everything has to work.

Drill of the Week: Swimming Accidents

The objective of the drill is to practice the techniques for removing a diving accident victim from a swimming pool.