Drill of the Week: Railroad Emergencies

Though not every fire department responds to these types of incidents routinely, it is still important to make sure the members of your department are thoroughly familiar with the guidelines that apply to these types of incidents.

Drill of the Week: Advancing Hoselines by Ladder

Comprising four evolutions, this week's drill focuses on developing proficiency in advancing hoselines to upper floors of a structure and extending the lines downstairs to extinguish a simulated basement fire.

Drill of the Week: Engine Company Operations

Proficiency with these operations ensures that all apparatus riders can quickly move in to extinguish the fire and quickly establish a water supply to the attack engine.

Drill of the Week: Preplans

Reevaluating the target hazards in your first-due helps you keep pace with changes to these structures. Plus while en route to these targets, you may find a few more you didn't know existed previously. This week's drill provides the framework to conduct your own review of target hazards in your first-due.

Drill of the Week: Medevac Helicopter Operations

While helicopter landings may occur infrequently in your jurisdiction, periodically reviewing your department's medevac helicopter operations will keep your members abreast of any changes in your department's or various medevac agencies' SOPs.

Drill of the Week: Hose Handling I

Teamwork is essential to hoseline advancement. It's needed not only between ventilation crews and the hose team, and the search and rescue crew and the hose team, but it is also critical among hose team members.

Drill of the Week: Physical Fitness I

More and more firefighters succumb to heart-related injuries each year. This week's drill will provide members with an opportunity to evaluate their own physical fitness and create a goal-setting worksheet.

Drill of the Week: SCBA II

This week's drill is the second component of Howard A. Chatterton's two-part SCBA drill found in his Volunteer Training Drills-A Year of Weekly Drills. The drill's objective is to review the procedures for using SCBA and to develop proficiency in its use. Working as a team, members will search a large open area with aisles.

Drill of the Week: SCBA I

Search proficiency is a big part of safety and survival. This week's drill covers procedures for using SCBA and developing proficiency in its use. To achieve this proficiency, members will be timed as they don their protective gear including SCBA and will search a room in the dark while identifying certain obstacles as they come upon them.