Drill of the Week: Forcible Entry–Through-the-Lock Methods

Taking a halligan tool to a door to force entry into a structure may be the speedier method to gain access, but it's not always necessary.

Drill of the Week: Ropes and Knots

Whether or not ropes and knots are your thing, you should have a basic knowledge of some of the easier knots and their usage and be able to tie them proficiently when needed.

Drill of the Week: Driver Proficiency

Many companies already have everything in place for a yearly driver proficiency drill, even if they do not conduct such drills on a quarterly or yearly basis. Some of the steps each driver in you company or department goes through to become a qualified driver can be completed in the yearly drill.

FireEngineering.com Weekly Drills

Conducting a drill is not as simple as assembling a group of firefighters, giving them a quick rundown of what is to take place, and then telling them to have at it.

Hose Relay Operations, Part 2

If you are not the water supply officer but find your self looking at a pump panel and a lot of hose on either end of your truck, you have as much work ahead of you as the water supply officer.

Further Study Proposed To Explore Alternative Ways To Awaken Children During Fires

An Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Standards Technical Panel (STP) working group today released its recommendations for improving the effectiveness of smoke alarms in awakening children.

NFPA Launches Fire Prevention Web Site

The NFPA has launched http://www.firepreventionweek.org for Fire Prevention Week (October 6-12). The NFPA aims to make firefighters across North America familiar with this year's Fire Prevention Week theme, "Team Up for Fire Safety(tm)."

UL: What to Do In Case of a Fire or Other Emergency in Your...

If a fire were to break out or other emergency were to arise in your workplace, would you know what to do? Planning ahead and keeping a level head can mean the difference between safety and danger.


Keeping your department well trained and abreast of new evolutions is a very difficult task. In career departments, drill schedules can be based around work schedules-so many tours per month mean so many subjects.


The next time you have duty at the fire station, take a few minutes and give your peers a quick drill. The idea is to provide information that can be passed on from the veterans to the probies. The quick drill is not intended to replace the normal hour-long drill later in the shift.