FDIC 2014 Preview: Blue Card Simulation Lab and Conference

Alan, Nick, and John Brunacini will be presenting the Blue Card Simulation Lab and Conference at this year’s FDIC.

The Blue Card certification process requires students to participate in a 24-hour simulation lab as the culminating element after they have completed the 50-hour Blue Card online training program. (Sign up for the online course at www.BlueCardCommand.com.) Students have many options as to where to attend this simulation lab experience, but none will be as comprehensive or as coveted as the FDIC Blue Card Command Certification Simulation Lab and Conference. The Blue Card certification sessions will be hosted by Alan Brunacini, while each simulation lab is led by Nick and John Brunacini along with other renowned Certified Blue Card instructors. Students completing this 24-hour training on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday will then have the opportunity to attend any of the 200 classroom sessions being offered at FDIC 2014 as well as take unlimited advantage of the largest North American fire exhibition floor.

More FDIC: https://www.fdic.com/


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