Fire Engineering Training Community Policy Page

We are excited to have you participate in our discussions and interactive forums. This policy page, like the community site itself, is a work in progress–new policy points will be posted here as the need for them arises.

1. We are trying something a little different here: To ensure we have the best communication possible, we are requiring that you use your full name. By eliminating anonymous posts we hope to elevate the discussion and maintain a sense of open and honest sharing. The intent is not to exclude anyone but to protect everyone from unwanted and inappropriate postings.

2. Open solicitations for products and services are prohibited. Although you may be selling things to benefit your department or some other worthy cause, we have no way of verifying this. We reserve the right to delete any postings that violate this rule. If you are interested in advertising on the Fire Engineering Training Community, please contact our sales staff. If you have any events, including department fundraisers, that you would like listed in our calendar, please send them via e-mail to If you would like to submit commentary or press releases for consideration on, please reach out to

Thanks for your cooperation,

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