Drill: Outside Vent Suitcase

By Samuel Hittle



The outside vent (OV) position can handle ventilation needs, perform rescue functions, overcome forcible entry obstacles, and proactively address other fireground interests. Which specific tasks are executed by the OV will vary depending on arrival order, building dynamics, fire conditions, and tactical priorities.

To adequately address some of these unknowns, the OV needs to carry an assortment of tools. This week’s drill shows a simple way to transport a basic compliment of hand tools, a ladder, and a saw to efficiently navigate the fireground.

Download this drill as a PDF HERE


Outside Vent Firefighter: A Critical Role

The Outside Ventilation Firefighter

Outside Vent – Tower Ladder Style

The Dangers of Outside Venting


Samuel Hittle is a lieutenant with the Wichita (KS) Fire Department and an instructor with Traditions Training, LLC.


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