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Fire Research innovates a better and faster way to slip on your SCBA breathing bottle without hassles and difficult contortions. The BOTTLE BUTLER’s flexible “arms” easily mount to all crew seats. Bottle Butler holds SCBA straps out to the side and at the ready. Straps will never get twisted, making it easy to don bottle quickly. Arms move up and out of way when not loaded. All hardware supplied for easy mounting. Choose the best. (800) 645-0074.

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Liberty Art Works’ BRONZE PRESENTATION EXTINGUISHER is cast in bronze, high polished, hand detailed, and mounted on a walnut base. The front bears a classic Maltese cross and the artwork on the back depicts a steamer at a working fire scene. The sculptures are framed with a nostalgic leather hose with crossed playpipes and accented by many other rich details. Engraving is included. Overall height with base is 14½ inches; extinguisher height is 11 inches; diameter is 4½ inches; and base is 4½ inches × 5½ inches. (888) 411-7744.


Click to EnlargeAdvanced Lighting’s all new LIGHT AND CHARGER DESIGN is available in halogen or lightweight LED. It features a large handle opening, waterproof housing, heavy-duty rubber bezel, and is compatible with all existing ALC chargers. The new light is available with a removable or fully integrated seatbelt strap and comes in six colors. The new charger is the first single hand release lock-in style charger in the fire service. It conforms to NFPA 1901 and can be mounted in any position. The charging system is fully automatic with a single LED displaying red and green indicators. (631) 467-4877.

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HAIX® announces the release of the new AIRPOWER® R2, which was created to meet consumer demand for an EMS boot that meets NFPA 1999-2008 and provides a heat-resistant sole for use on those EMS runs involving hot grounds or brush fires. The lightweight, impact-absorbing sole is heat-, oil-, and gasoline-resistant and nonmarking. Reflective elements were added to the boot for ease of visibility on night-time runs. The best boot for EMS who also encounter hot grounds and brush fires. (866) 344-4249.


Click to EnlargeKussmaul’s new 091-185-007 (small), 091-185-008 (medium), and 091-185-009 (large) E-Z MOUNT CHARGER BRACKETS are made specifically to mount each of its chargers. The three sizes allow you to properly fit a Kussmaul charger onto the mounting bracket. The three sizes also allow for flexibility when mounting a charger in a vehicle, especially when you are faced with a tight space. (631) 567-0314.

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Draeger’s SWEDE SURVIVAL SYSTEMS provide a unique live fire training experience for firefighters to learn the science of fire. Swede Survival Systems provide excellent instructors for an on-site program for up to 12 students with installation of Phase 1-4 systems. Draeger also offers training classes in Sweden at the Swedish Rescue Training Center for those participating in its Phase 5 advanced systems. (800) 858-1737.



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