RAE Systems Keeps Gas Detectors Accurate

RAE Systems, the leading provider of connected gas and radiation detection solutions, today announced its new AutoRAE 2 Automatic Test and Calibration System for the MultiRAE family of multi-threat monitors. The new system is an easy-to-use, yet powerful tool that helps organizations keep gas detection equipment accurate and users safe while remaining in compliance with government regulations and internal policies and procedures.
The AutoRAE 2 automatically bumps tests and calibrates sensors, verifies that gas monitors’ visual and audible alarms are functional, generates test and calibration reports and prints them out on a directly connected printer. All without the involvement of specialized service technicians.
“The regular testing and calibrating of gas monitors ensure that the instruments are always accurate and can be relied on in potentially deadly environments. This safety requirement is mandated by government regulations and enforced via internal policies by our customers — from oil refiners and chemicals producers to hazardous materials response teams and environmental clean-up service providers,” stated Thomas Negre, Vice President of Products and Marketing for RAE Systems. “Until now, MultiRAE monitors had to be tested and calibrated manually which could get tedious and time-consuming. With the new AutoRAE 2, ensuring compliance with monitor test and calibration requirements is no longer a complex issue. All that’s required is placing the monitor in its cradle and pushing a button — it’s that simple.”
The AutoRAE 2 is modular, scalable and easy to configure to meet the exact customer requirements. The AutoRAE 2 can be as simple as a stand-alone cradle to test, calibrate and charge one instrument at a time, or as powerful as a controller-based system supporting as many as 10 monitors and 5 different calibration gas cylinders. No matter what the configuration, the AutoRAE 2 can accommodate a variety of calibration gases, including such exotics as Ammonia, Chlorine, Phosphine, Sulfur Dioxide, and others.
The system is optimized for field use in locations, where access to a computer is not possible or convenient, as it does not require a PC or network to operate. It can also be used mounted on the wall or on a bench top. The AutoRAE 2 currently supports MultiRAE Lite (pumped), MultiRAE and MultiRAE Pro monitors, but will also work with ToxiRAE Pro personal monitors, 3000 series PIDs and new portable instruments in the future.
The AutoRAE 2 for MultiRAE pumped monitors (MultiRAE Lite (pumped), MultiRAE, and MultiRAE Pro) will be shipping on June 5, 2012. Orders will be accepted through authorized RAE Systems distributors starting May 29, 2012. Customers interested in obtaining more information or purchasing the AutoRAE 2 should contact their RAE Systems distributor or regional sales manager.

For more information, go to www.raesystems.com/.

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