Skedco Military Litters


For nearly 30 years Skedco has provided the unique, highly versatile Sked Stretcher. Since the beginning, Skedco looked for a suitable quick connect / quick release buckle that would be safe, strong and dependable. When the COBRA buckle became available in a one inch version Skedco immediately began using it on Sked Stretchers. This buckle was deemed safe for use, by USAARL, when hoisting Sked litters by helicopter as it will not accidentally release when under tension. Skedco has been using the COBRA buckles for nearly 5 years and has received high praise for utilizing the very best. Cobra buckles are rated at a 3’000 pound break strength. They are a bit expensive but worth it as they are machined from very high quality aluminum for safety and strength.

The COBRA buckles were first used on Sked litters on a special order basis. It then became standard on the Ranger Sked. Currently, most PJ Sked litters are produced with COBRA buckles and full size Sked litters, NSN 6530-01-575-4004, come with COBRA buckles. Skedco is working toward providing all Military Sked litters equipped with COBRA buckles.

Because it is too costly to replace all Skedco litters with those utilizing COBRA buckles, Skedco has developed a COBRA Buckle Strap Kit to retrofit any Skedco litter, thus prolonging the life of the current litters while saving money and making it much faster to package a patient, especially under battlefield conditions. These kits are available immediately in any quantities necessary.

Other companies are knocking off the Sked Litter and COBRA buckles. Beware that you get the genuine battle proven Sked rather than a cheap ineffective product. “Failure On The Battlefield Is Not An Option”TM.

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