Video: Respectful Entry

Coastal Fire Training, LLC/YouTube

By John Buttrick

Video by D. DiMarcello 

Special thanks to T. Bricker 

This was a live entry and video shot on the fly for a friend who had requested entry to check on a possible hazard that may exist after leaving town for the weekend. 

Using the tactics and tools shown, we made a quick, respectful entry. On a call, the screws wouldn’t necessarily have needed to be cut on this particular entry and we would have resecured and cleared the scene. We demonstrated numerous points after gaining access for additional teaching highlights.

We replaced the deadbolt cup and the screws. All other original hardware was reused. The occupant’s same key still works. In this case, we made entry, found their spare key, and used it to lock the door upon doing a premise check for safety/hazard. Her same key that she traveled with worked upon return.

This is a way, not THE way, and we cover all types of possibilities and outcomes in our basic and advanced courses as well as safety measures. 

The end goal of our entire program and ethos is property conservation and being able to resecure the property after our mission is complete. Nothing is above life safety and timely access. Often, our respectful entry methods are faster than conventional means and less costly to the homeowner, business owner, and our city.

“The right tactics, at the right times, on the right calls. If you know how, you’ll know when.”

JOHN BUTTRICK is an 11-year career firefighter and paramedic currently serving as a firefighter/paramedic lateral recruit in the Memphis (TN) Fire Department. He is the owner of Coastal Fire Training, LLC. He is a contributor to Fire Engineering, Leatherhead Mafia, and other training and tactics blogs and Web sites. He assists with numerous fire officer academies and large national fire conferences. He has an associate degree in fire and EMS and is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in fire administration. He instructed several years at a local community college. He is a past FDIC International scholarship recipient, and along with other members of Coastal Fire Training will be presenting “Respectful Entry: Through-The-Lock & Beyond” at FDIC International 2021.

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