Video: Triple U Standpipe Deployment

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue/YouTube

Video By Rick Stephens

By Bill Gustin

In this firefighter training video from Miami-Dade (FL) Fire Rescue (MDFR), Engine Co. 47, under the direction of MDFR Lieutenant Eddie Flores, demonstrates how to configure and deploy standpipe bundles that can be deployed in a limited space.

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Three 75-foot sections are folded in half and, using a six or eight-foot hook to gauge the bundle’s overall length, each half is folded back on itself short of the mid-point that extends as a loop. Notice the couplings line up evenly on the same side of the bundles to facilitate connection. Once in the training tower, Engine 47’s crew deploys three 75-foot bundles.

While that standpipe is being flushed, the sections are connected and the three loops indicating the middle of each bundle are pulled down a hallway or landing about 30 feet deep. Notice that each loop is laid on top of each other so that the leading sections, closest to the nozzle, ride over the loops remaining in the hall or landing.

This configuration can be adapted for 2 1/2-in. hose but, regardless of the diameter, the hose must be fairly kink-resistant to deploy in such a short and narrow space.


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