2015 Fire Engineering Authors Index


Allen, J. Defeating a Swing Arm Security Latch (Training Notebook). Mar, p24


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Bryan, P. Are Your Critical Decision-Making Skills Evolving? Aug, p71

Burnett, B. Simplifying the Hose Stretch with Strategically Placed Loops. Oct, p53


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Carr, K. A Duty to Respond: Translating Your Fire Safety Message to a Multicultural Community. May, p88

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Corbett, G. It’s Greek to Me: the Language of Modern Fire Protection. Feb, p76

Crawford, B. Explosion in West, Texas: Lessons Learned from Multiple Deaths (FDIC Preview). Mar, p137

Crimmins, B. How to Mitigate Human and Mechanical Errors Using Gas Detectors. Nov, p54


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Davies, N. Post-Traumatic Growth in Fire and Rescue Service Personnel. Dec, p75

Dean, A. EMS: Employing Modern Science (FireEMS). Jul, p22

DeMaree, N. Overcoming Panic: Stress-Induced Training and Education. (Training Notebook). May, p18

Donohue, D. Fuel Spill Response in the Marine Environment. Nov, p78

Donovan, S. Boston’s Ladder Culture (FDIC Preview). Mar, p157

Doyle, D. Shipboard Firefighting Training from Scratch. Nov, p63

Duczyminski, P. First Responder Defensive Tactics: Animal Threats. Jun, p75

Dugan, M. Brooklyn Dwelling Fire (Fire Focus). Feb, p20; Brick Warehouse Fire (Fire Focus). Mar, p28; Fires Involving Means of Egress (Fire Focus). Apr, p24; Fire Involving Roofs (Fire Focus). Jun, p28; Fire in a Detroit Vacant Building (Fire Focus). Sept, p26; Fracking and the Fire Service. Nov, p43; Bailout in Staten Island (Fire Focus). Dec, p24



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French, B. The “Ins” and “Outs” of Fire Department Connections. Oct, p87


Geis, E. Rethinking Recruitment and Retention for the Volunteer Fire Department (Volunteers Corner). Apr, p12

Gallagher, D. The Art of the Third Due: Being Prepared to Turn the Tide. Apr, p107

Gorman, G. Tile Roof: Vertical Ventilation. Jan, p65

Grant, S. Luxury Apartments: Is Your Department Ready? (FDIC Preview). Mar, p160

Graziani, J. Patient Extrication: the “Linear” Approach (Extrication Tactics). Apr, p32

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Haigh, C. Climbing the Ladder of Success: Demystifying the Hiring Process. Aug, p47; Incident Scene Rehabilitation: a Leadership Challenge (w/D. Smith). Dec, p49

Hale, D. Protecting Against the Hazards of Tunnel Vision. Feb, p85

Hallinan, B. Damage Control Extrication: An Approach to Critical Trauma Patients (fireEMS). Mar, p36

Halton, B. The Content of Your Character (Editor’s Opinion). Jan, p8Protests, Violence, Terrorism, and Firefighter (Editor’s Opinion). Feb, p8; Those Worthless Kids (Editor’s Opinion). Mar, p8; Duty, Honor, Country (Editor’s Opinion).  Apr, p8; Ideologues and Their Bad Behavior (Editor’s Opinion). May, p8; Art, Reality, and Influence (Editor’s Opinion). Jun, p8; Transgressions and Forgiveness (Editor’s Opinion). Jul, p8; The Heroic Dream, The (Editor’s Opinion). Aug, p8; Sacred Obligation, Failure Is Unacceptable (Editor’s Opinion). Sept, p8; A Fall from Grace (Editor’s Opinion). Oct, p8; The Character of Stirring Symbols (Editor’s Opinion). Nov, p8; Ben Franklin, Opinions, and Maturing (Editor’s Opinion). Dec, p8

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Johnson, J. Knowledge and Experience: Becoming the Senior Firefighter. Apr, p130


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Lukas, B. Denver’s Legalized Marijuana Industry and the Fire Code. Feb, p53


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