2017 Fire Engineering Authors Index


Adkins, B. Rural Water Movement Operations. Feb, p64

Aloan, M. “Nothing Showing” Does Not Always Mean No Fire Inside. Jul, p39

Ambrose, P. The Gray Area: Firefighter Rescue and Hazmat. Nov, p75

Andersen, R.E. A Forcible Entry Technique for Blocked Doors (Training Notebook). Mar, p20

Angier, B. Making the Most of Your Post Incident Analysis. Aug, p55

Avillo, A. Beware the Structural Carcass: Building Collapse After the Fire Is Out. Jan, p83; Full Contact Leadership: Righting a Wrong Morning. w/E. Flood. Mar, p93


Barakey, M.J. Fighting Structural Fires During Lightning Storms (Fire Focus). Feb, p28; The Fire Department Assessment Center Is Here to Stay. Jul, p53

Beasley, G. Firefighter Down: Cardiac Arrest Drill (FireEMS). May, p30

Bradley, T. Warwick (RI) Garden Apartment Response (What We Learned). Mar, p158; Making the Front Bumper Connect Work for You (Training Notebook). Oct, p18

Bruegman, R. Introduction (CPSE Supplement). Aug, p2

Brunacini, ALessons, Models, and Stories (Bruno “Unplugged”). Jan, p44; Sometimes Quirky Wins (Bruno “Unplugged”). Feb, p50; Tuna Talk (Bruno “Unplugged”). Mar, p52; Warm, Pink, and Sweet (Bruno “Unplugged”). Apr, p56; Polished Brass and Spring Training (Bruno “Unplugged”). May, p44; Mean and Mad (Bruno “Unplugged”). Jul, p34; What Day? (Bruno “Unplugged”). Aug, p38; Why Are You Screaming? (Bruno “Unplugged”). Sept, p32; IC Scream Prevention Program (Bruno “Unplugged”). Oct, p40; Hallway Walls (Bruno “Unplugged”). Nov, p26

Buckman, J. Transitioning Leadership. Aug, p69

Burke, J. Needle Drop-Off and Disposal: A Plan for Community Risk Reduction (FireEMS). Nov, p20

Burnham, J. Sprinkler Support Crucial at Large Warehouse Fires. Nov, p68

Burns, G. Lessons Learned After a Line-of-Duty Death (What We Learned). Aug, p71

Burns, R. Leadership in the Real World: The Power of the Pause (Training Notebook). Apr, p22


Cabral, N. “Getting on the Job”: Before the Testing Starts (Volunteers Corner). Nov, p12

Califano, F. Knock, Knock, “Is Anyone Home?” (FireEMS). Feb, p42

Callahan, R. Fighting in Small and Medium-Sized Box Store Fires with Limited Personnel. Jun, p51

Capoziello, M. Creating Positive Public Relations (Volunteers Corner). Feb, p12

Chibarro, M. Using Building Design and Codes to Bolster Firefighter Safety and Efficiency. Jan, p90

Ciampo, M. Derailed (On Fire). Jan, p100; Operational Miscue (On Fire); Feb, p92; Assistance Accepted (On Fire). Mar, p172; Breaking Blocks from the Ground and from Above. Apr, p117; Training—Outside the Lines (On Fire). Apr, p144; My Turn Under the Microscope (On Fire). May, p128; The Gas Years (On Fire). Jun, p80; Who Knows? (On Fire). Jul, p84; Hallway Help (On Fire). Aug, p88; Raise, Rotate, Extend (On Fire). Sept, p88; Centennial (On Fire). Oct, p92; Highs and Lows (On Fire). Nov, p92; Operational Tactics and Tips (On Fire). Dec, p100

Clark, M. and J. Scaglione. Deploying the Leader Line or Courtyard Lay (The Engine Company). Feb, p34

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Corker, S. Lessons Learned from the Raleigh (NC) Metropolitan Apartment Fire. Sept, p39

Crimmins, B. Lessons Learned from the Hoboken Train Derailment. Feb, p77; Gas Emergencies: 10 Life-Safety Tactics (w/A. Pratts). Nov, p71


Daly, C. Apparatus Siren Limitations and Intersection Crashes. Feb, p54

Delagi, R. Look, Listen, and Feel: A Fresh Approach to the Scene Survey (FireEMS). Jul, p24

Dickstein, J. The BlastMask® (Technology Today). Dec, p70

Duckworth, R.L. Coordinating Care for Crush Injuries and Crush Syndrome (FireEMS). Mar, p40

Duczyminksi, P. Reaching Students’ Affective Domain of Learning. Apr, p113

Dugan, M. Vehicle Rescue Training (Fire Focus). Jan, p30; FDNY Rope Rescue. w/R. Morris Jr. (Fire Focus). Apr, p30; New Haven Condo Fire (Fire Focus). Oct, p22

Dunne, T. Thinking Like an Incident Commander. Oct, p71

Durre, H. Reactivity vs. Proactivity: Risk-Driven Performance (CPSE Supplement). Aug, p4



Fagan, T. Standards of Cover: Ensuring Community Expectations (CPSE Supplement). Aug, p5

Fass, B. Protecting Against Back Injuries (FireEMS). Jan, p32

Fisher, R. Quint Positioning for Current and Future Needs. Feb, p71

Finazzo, S. Assessing the Impact of Technology on Fire Departments. May, p51; Royale at City Place Conflageration. Oct, p49

Fowler, K. Auto Extrication: When Hydraulics Go Down (Extrication Tactics). Apr, p36

Furci, M. What Type of Attitude Are You Nurturing? Oct, p78


Gray, S; P.J. Norwood; and J. Ceriello. Are We Truly Concerned About the Victim? (FDIC Preview). Mar, p133

Greene, C. and T. Frank. Responding to Our Nation’s Aging Electrical Infrastructure. Oct, p61; A Collaborative Approach to Electrical Vault Fires (w/R. Morris Jr., McGeever, et al.). Nov, p53

Gustin, B. When Electricity Takes an Unexpected Path, Part 1. Apr, p63; When Electricity Takes an Unexpected Path, Part 2. May, p59; Fires in 2½-Story Wood-Frame Dwellings (Fire Focus). Jun, p22; Transport of Stolen Fuel: A Growing and Hidden Danger for Firefighters. Nov, p37;


Haigh, C. and J.M. Hein. Sister Cities for Fire Departments (Volunteers Corner). May, p.14

Haines, K. Self-Assessment and Data: Moving Your Agency Forward (CPSE Supplement). Aug, p9

Halton, B. Firefighters, Support H.R. 973/S. 1651 or H.R. 711 Now! (Editor’s Opinion). Jan, p8; Leadership from a Four-Star General, a Famous Frenchman, and “Drama” (Editor’s Opinion). Feb, p8; Honoring a Living Legend, With Our Deepest Gratitude (Editor’s Opinion). Mar, p8; Of Duty and Bullfighting (Editor’s Opinion). Apr, p8; Doctrine. May, p.8; Context, Hindsight, and Zero Defect (Editor’s Opinion). Jun, p8; Science, Truth, and Practice (Editor’s Opinion). Jul, p8; Who We Are, Have Been, and Always Will Be (Editor’s Opinion). Aug, p8; Decision Making and Managing Disruptive Technology (Editor’s Opinion). Sept, p8; Common Sense (Editor’s Opinion). Oct, p8; Shoes and Socks (Editor’s Opinion). Nov, p8; The Fire Service’s Happy Warrior (Editor’s Opinion). Dec, p8

Hankins, E. Developing a Driver Training Program. Feb, p74

Hansen, A.J. Forcible Entry: Sizing Up the Cylinder Is a Critical Step (The Truck Company). Mar, p32; Forcible Entry: The Frame Spreader (Innovations: Homegrown). Sept, p79

Havel, G. What Building and Fire Codes Tell Us (FDIC Preview). Mar, p151

Heller, A.J. Are We Prepared to Slide the Floor? Apr, p129

Herb, L.A. and A. St. John. Thermal Failure of Hoselines: An Analysis of the Data. Apr, p97

Herendeen, M.W. and B. Ward. The Rocking Chair Firefighter, the Tough Guys, and the Green Ears: Blending Generations. Apr, p121

Hesselmeyer, D. Common Mistakes to Avoid in Grant Writing. Aug, p67

Hittle, S. Maximizing Circular Saw Effectiveness in Forcible Entry Operations. Mar, p101

Hoevelmann, J. Interior Exposure Protection: a Neglected Tactic. Oct, p69

Holton, W. The FAST Board (Technology Today). Mar, p163

House, R. Going “Back to School”: An Inexpensive Way to Train (Training Notebook). Jun, p18

Huber, T. Going from a Young Volunteer to an Officer (Volunteers Corner). Jun, p14

Hudson, J. Retirement from the Fire Service: Five Needs for Success. Dec, p47

Hueston, J. Securing Portable Ladders’ Streams: the Hose Strap. Oct, p65

Hurd, J. Firefighter Family Tragedy and Loss (FDIC Preview). Mar, p143

Hustoles, J. Leadership, Tradition, and Evolution in the Fire Service. Aug, p59



Jarrett, A. Improve On-Scene Accountability and Tracking with TaskForceTracker (Technology Today). May, p89

Jenkins, T. Assessing Continuous Improvement: Self-Assessment and Outcomes (CPSE Supplement). Aug, p10

Joannides, J. Proven Truck Tactics That Might Surprise You. Mar, p85

Jorge, R. Proper Breathing for the Proper Response (Training Notebook). Nov, p14


Kanterman, R. Planning for Success. Aug, p45

Kaplan, J. Prehospital Management of Bariatric Patients (FireEMS). Aug, p28

Kastros, A. Applying ICS: Wildland vs. Structure Fires. Apr, p105

Kenney, T.J. Rescue Tools: Extricating Demonstrators and Protestors (FDIC Preview). Mar, p147

Kernan, D. The ABCs of Starting a Junior Firefighter Program (Volunteers Corner). Jan, p14

Knapp, J. and D. Moran. Improving Response Procedures to Natural Gas Emergencies. Mar, p69; Natural Gas Emergency Strategy and Tactics. w/D. Moran. Apr, p81; Training for Natural Gas Emergencies. w/D. Moran. May, p71; Fentanyl: Not Just Another White Powder (FireEMS). w/S. Maile. Jun, p28

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Luizzi, P. Situational Leadership. Aug, p65


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McKenna, C. The Impact of Mental Health Stigma in the Fire Service. Dec, p59

McLoughlin, J. The Firefighter as Passenger in an In-Flight Fire Emergency. Sept, p74

Merrill, T. Make it a Fire-HOUSE (Volunteers Corner). Apr, p14; The “What If” Drill (Volunteers Corner). Jul, p12; The Engine Firefighter: Mastering the Basics (Volunteers Corner). Oct, p14;

Montagna, F. High-Pressure Steam Incidents: What You Need to Know. Jun, p66

Moore-Merrell, L. IAFF Formalizes Support for CFAI Accreditation Process (CPSE Supplement). Aug, p14

Moran, D. Are You Ready to Perform Vent-Enter-Isolate-Search? Mar, p113

Murphy, J.M. Changing Skyline, The: Super- and Mega-Tall Buildings. Jan, p67

Murray, W. Beyond the 360° Size-Up (Training Notebook). Jul, p.16


Naylis, G. Overcoming Relay Pumping Flow Problems (Training Notebook). Feb, p22

Naylis, S. Lessons Learned at FDIC Help Save Strip Mall (What We Learned). Apr, p135

Nemick, B. Piercing Nozzle Tactic for Attic Fires. Oct, p57

Nevin, M. Detroit “Street Experience” Contains Warehouse Fire. Nov, p33

Norman, J. Belowgrade Fires: Firefighter Traps. Jun, p42


Owens, K. Patient Care Reports and NEMSIS (FireEMS). Apr, p44


Papa, N. Tactical Ventilation: Bridging the Gap Between Research and Reality. Mar, p129

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Paulsberg, N. Cell Tower Rescue: First-In Operations and the Incident Action Plan. Sept, p53

Peters, W.C. Beyond 1901: Exceeding the NFPA Standards (Apparatus Supplement). Jun, p4; FDIC 2017: Bigger is Better! (Apparatus Supplement). Jun, p32; “It’s Big, It’s Red, and It Has Our Name on It…Now What?” Apparatus Factory Inspection Trips. Jul, p57

Pignataro, C. Pulmonary Edema Following Opioid Overdose (FireEMS). Sept, p22

Pillsworth, T. Government Funding: It’s Not Yours! (Volunteers Corner). Aug, p14

Poulin, T.E. Critiques, Crittacks, and Travelogues: Learning from Experience. Jul, p72

Prentiss, S. Compact: EMS Providers Can Respond Across State Lines in Specific Scenarios (FireEMS). Dec, p22

Pronesti, J. Lost in the Fog of the Fireground (FDIC Preview). Mar, p137; Preparing for the “Main Street” Mayday (Training Notebook). Aug, p18;



Radecky, M. FireCatt: Computer-Controlled Hose Testing Technology (Technology Today). Oct, p83

Ray, R. Essentials of a High-Performing Engine Company. Oct, p73

Ricci, F. and C. Tobin. Killer in the Attic: Fire Operations in Half-Stories. Dec, p39

Rice, A. Preparing to Face Public Criticism (Training Notebook). Sept, p18

Rice, C. Situational Awareness and “Reading a House” Revisited. Jan, p75

Rifflard, J. Three Essentials for Trench Rescue Success (Training Notebook). Jan, p26; The Best Tools for Breaching Bullet-Resistive Glass. Mar, p79; Responding to Suspended Scaffold Emergencies. Sept, p47; Getting an Immobilized Patient to the Ground: The Ladder Pivot Rescue. Sept, p76

Rigolo, J.A. Flashover! A Near Miss During a Vent-Enter-Search. Mar, p61

Rossi, M. Urban Drafting Operations at a Chemical Warehouse Fire. Nov, p63

Rubin, D.L. What is the Best Promotional System? Mar, p123


Sargent, C. The Warrior’s Mentality. Jul, p47

Schramm, D. Physical and Wellness Program (Volunteers Corner). Dec, p12

Sergi, J.M. Company Officer: Life Safety Education Is Your Job, Too! Jul, p75

Shalabi, H. Minimizing Evacuation Response Times in Fires. Jan, p87

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White, J. Strategic Planning: Improving Service and Planning for the Future (CPSE Supplement). Aug, p8



Young, G. Making the Hazmat Refresher Fun (Training Notebook). Jul, p16


Zimmermann, P. The s.Quad Voice Pager (Technology Today). Jul, p77

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