5 Children Killed in FL House Fire

A massive fire in a wood-frame home killed five children in Citra, Florida. Neighbors managed to rescue one woman from the burning structure before firefighters arrived on scene. The fire was already raging out of control by the time someone called 911, Marion County (FL) Fire Rescue spokeswoman Peveeta Persaud told The Associated Press. She went on to say that when firefighters arrived, flames were already through the roof and had totally engulfed the home. Firefighters immediately went to work trying to rescue occupants.

One woman, 21, was flown to a local hospital with first and second degree burns to her face and upper body. Two sisters, ages 6 and 12, were in cardiac arrest and died at the hospital. Their three brothers, ages 15, 13 and 8, were in a different part of the 1,400-square-foot home and died at the scene. Authorities were not able to locate them until the fire was extinguished. The children’s mother and grandmother suggested that a space heater may have sparked the fire.

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