911 Call Reveals Address Confusion in Fatal Jersey City fire

Jersey City officials released new 911 calls that showed the sheer panic as flames and smoke swept through a home — in a fire that left four people dead, reports CBS New York.

It was a scene of chaos in the early morning hours of Thursday, March 6, at the home at 28 1/2 Grant Ave. in Jersey City. The home was burning out of control, and callers were frantic as they talked to 911 dispatchers to get help.

Caller: “I live at 31 Grant St., and there’s a fire at somebody’s house across the street.”

Dispatcher: “31 Grant Ave.? Is that”

Caller: “Grant Avenue.”

The initial 911 call went to police. After the dispatcher corrected the caller – the correct street name and suffix was, in fact, Grant Avenue – she transferred the caller to the fire department.

Caller: “Hello?”

Dispatcher: “Fire department.”

Caller: “How you doing? Can you send the fire department to. (to someone else in the room): Yo Grandma, what’s the address Grandma what’s the address? (To the dispatcher): It’s 28 Grant. We need somebody to come over here now. There’s a fire inside the house.”

Dispatcher: 28 Grand. “Any apartment?”

Caller: “Please, please, please somebody come.”

In the conversation, there was never a clarification of the suffix “street” or “avenue,” leading to a mixup that resulted in fire crews being sent to Grand Street instead of Grant Avenue.

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