To the firefighters called home ahead of the rest of us, we remember you.

To the firefighters who burn with the passion to make this a better world and a better fire service, we salute you.

To the families of firefighters who weep for one more touch, one more word, we embrace you.

To those who stand steadfastly by the just cause, who do the right thing because it is the right thing, we stand with you.

To those who work tirelessly to turn an endless night into a new day, we work with you.

To those who believe that one person can change the world, make a difference, we believe in you.

To those who find redemption in a simple act of kindness and beauty, we rejoice for you.

To those who know the hatred of a thousand cannot conquer the love in one heart, we beat with you.

For hatred, defeat, and destruction are only temporary. It is love and love alone, with its many faces and many forms, that endures in this world.

And that is why you-and what you represent-endure.

May you find peace, consolation, and joy this holiday season.

Yours in this great fire service,


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