ACAF Systems Conducts Successful Fire Test

ACAF Systems-PFS Fire Suppression Group, LLC, a manufacturer of FM Approved, Compressed Air Foam (CAF) fire suppression systems for fighting special hazard, flammable liquid fires, announces the successful completion of testing at the BEST in Beaumont (TX) extinguishing a simulated oil rig fire in a matter of minutes using just two gallons of RF foam from a 60-Gallon CAF Skid System.

The event was documented by the facility, showing firefighters easily suppressing the flames with the ACAF system, despite never having used it previously. The video can be viewed at the ACAF Systems-Fire Suppression Group web site.

“The testing done at the BEST in Beaumont, Texas clearly demonstrates that our CAF Systems can fight flammable liquid fires quickly and effectively, without the need for a fixed water supply or electricity”, said Dave Munroe, COO of ACAF Systems-Fire Suppression Group. “Multiple studies and test fires continue to validate that using our compressed air foam systems greatly improves fire extinguishment and overall fire safety. Our CAF system is significantly better at penetrating fires and easier to handle than a conventional water line, while our CAF has a 33% greater reach than competing foam systems.”

ACAF Fire Fighting Compressed Air Foam Systems provide the firefighting industry with the next generation of clean, reliable, and innovative foam fire suppression. They are offered with stainless steel tanks, fittings, and frames to provide trouble free years of service. Units are available in 30, 60, 120, and 250 gallon size, custom packages and dual agent skids are also available.

ACAF Systems-PFS Fire Suppression Group maintains the highest manufacturing standards by strictly adhering to ISO 9001:2008. All pressure retaining components are ASME certified with PED, IBR, and GOST certifications available upon request. The group’s products are proudly designed and manufactured in the United States.

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