Akron Brass Launches Water Flow Indicator

Akron Brass introduces the patent pending HydroFX™ Flow Indicator, the latest innovation in handline nozzle accessories. When on the frontline, the nozzle operator visually can see when water flow levels have reached a low or potentially dangerous condition providing the firefighter with added safety protection. Do you know your flow.

The HydroFX is a flow indicating device located directly on the shutoff body of an Akron Assault™ nozzle. Brightly lit LED lights are visible in extreme firefighting conditions and indicate adequate flow by displaying a red (low), yellow (below desired) or green (at desired flow) light, delivering water flow awareness to the handline operator. The HydroFX automatically powers on when it senses water pressure in the nozzle giving you immediate results without the need to turn on additional equipment.

The flow indicator boasts a sleek low profile design that doesn’t add excessive bulk or weight to the nozzle. Departments can customize to their own flow indication requirements allowing the three flow indicating settings to be field programmed. The first of its kind, the HydroFX is compact, lightweight and reliable in the monitoring of your water flow.

Take the guess work out of knowing what you are flowing. See it for yourself! Schedule a demonstration of the HydroFX Flow Indicator today. Visit www.akronbrass.com/newproducts for more information on Akron’s latest product innovations.

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