Akron (OH) Firefighters Brave Smoke, Flames to Rescue Unconscious Man

Two Akron (OH) firefighters battled their way through smoke and heat to pull an unconscious man from a burning home on Friday.

The Beacon Journal reported (http://bit.ly/OFle55) that Firefighters Bob Lucey and Greg Gearhart rescued the 43-year-old victim, who was found lifeless on the kitchen floor of the house. The victim in now in critical condition at an area hospital.

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Firefighters say it appears the victim had initially made it outside with eight other individuals who escaped the fire unharmed, however he apparently re-entered the home to retrieve a pet or personal property.

The crew members had to make their way through extreme heat and low visibility to make the rescue. The firefighters were not injured.

Read more about this rescue at http://bit.ly/OFle55.

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