Albany (NY) Firefighters Pull Victim from House Fire

Firefighters attend to a patient at the scene of a house fire


Photos and incident report from Sidewinder Photography

City of Albany (NY) firefighters responded to 765 Madison Avenue for multiple calls. Engine 1 was the first due and declared the signal 30 with heavy fire pushing from the front of the building and reports of people still inside.

Firefighters from Engines 1, 7, and 11, and Truck 3 immediately went to work, conducting a primary search of the fire building and assisted a resident from exiting the building. Albany firefighters made an aggressive push on the first floor, knocking down the heavy fire quickly and discovering a victim inside the building.

Firefighters pulled the victim from the building and immediately started CPR while other firefighters continue to knock down the fire and search the building for other people who might be trapped. Firefighters wasted no time, putting the victim on a stretcher and making a dash to the ambulance. The victim was transported to a local medical center in critical condition.

After knocking down the fire, firefighters immediately began the tedious process of overhaul on scene. No firefighters were injured on scene and the rest of the residents of the escaped without injury.

The fire is currently under investigation by the city of Albany’s fire investigators and no cause has been determined yet.



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