Fire Races Through Multiple Albany (NY) Homes

Firefighters at the scene of a fire extending through multiple homes in Albany, New York


Sidewinder Photography and fire photographers Robert Fink and John Sheldon provided some photos from the scene of an Albany (NY) fire that went to three alarms.

Around 6:20 a.m. on June 23, 2017, Albany (NY) Fire Department members responded to 71 Manning Blvd North for an alarm of fire with a report of smoke coming from behind the house. As Engine 7 pulled out of the station, firefighters reported that they had a heavy black column of smoke showing from more than a half mile away.

While Albany firefighters were responding to the scene workers from the Freihofer bakery across the street raced to get residents out of their homes. Engine 7 arrived on scene and declared a signal 30 with heavy black smoke pushing from the back of the building. Members deployed multiple handlines to the front of the building, and Engine 7’s drive connected to the hydrant in front of the fire building.

The Albany battalion chief declared the second alarm as heavy fire pushed from the rear of the building. Firefighters went building to building to make sure every resident made it out safely. Additional firefighters arrived on scene within minutes and immediately started to put master streams into operation as the fire quickly started to spread down the block.

Firefighters used multiple handlines, master streams, and ladder pipes to try to bring the fire under control. Firefighters made entry into both exposure buildings with hand lines and started to make an aggressive interior attack but were quickly pushed right out of the buildings because of the heavy fire load throughout the structures. As soon as the firefighters were pushed out of building, the battalion chief in command transmitted the third alarm.

Firefighters from the additional units arriving laid in supply line in from all directions in to the fire scene. Command updated the dispatcher and had the main fire building fully involved with additional buildings on both sides heavily involved on the second floor and in the roof. Command requested all units on scene to switch master streams operations on scene; all firefighters were ordered to leave the fire buildings. Command reported that they had four buildings involved.

Firefighters used all available resources to try to bring the fire under control. The third alarm brought in resources from City of Troy, Green Island, Colonie EMS, Albany County EMS, New York State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services, and the Watervliet Fire Department in to the city of Albany.

Albany firefighters started to knock down the heavy fire and switched to interior operations to bring the fire under control. Firefighters spent most of the day on scene. More than 40 residents were displaced from the fire. No firefighters were injured on scene and the fire is currently under investigation at this time. After the fire was knocked down and brought under control the city of Albany brought in excavators to tear down the fire buildings, which were deemed unsafe to remain standing.



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