By John M. MaleCKy

The West Redding (CT) Fire Departmentuses this PIERCE pumper tanker to move water in a rural area with limited dry hydrants, explains Fire Chief Al Landwehr. It replaced an older vehicle.


  • MACK Granite chassis with 251-inch wheelbase and three-seat cab;
  • MACK A1 427-hp diesel engine with ALLISON 4000 EVS-6 automatic transmission;
  • WATEROUS CS single-stage, 1,250-gpm pump with three crosslays (two 1¾-inch; one 2½-inch), and ELKHART Stinger monitor;
  • UPF 3,000-gallon water tank with two 10-inch BRAY dump valves (left and right side);
  • 3,000-gallon FOL-DA-TANK on ZICO Quic Lift bracket;
  • SAFETY VISION backup camera;
  • six wheel well sleeves (four for spare SCBA, two for hand extinguishers); and
  • light and power with HARRISON six-kw hydraulic generator, four FRC telescoping floodlights (two each midship and rear), and two WHELEN scene lights at rear corners. 

The Wanamassa Fire Company in Ocean Township, New Jersey, responds in this AMERICAN LaFRANCErescue truck to structure fires, hazmats, and MVAs, accompanied by an engine, says Deputy Fire Marshal Dean H. Schoch. Compared to the department’s old truck, this has more seating and storage and easier tool access with slide-out compartments.


  • Eagle chassis with 179-inch wheelbase and six-seat cab with 10-inch raised roof;
  • DETROIT Series 60 455-hp diesel engine with ALLISON 4000 EVSPR automatic transmission;
  • 17½-foot nonwalk-in body with ROBINSON roll-up compartment doors, two transverse compartments, three wheel well sleeves (two for hand extinguishers, one for spare SCBA cylinder), and CARE FREE awning;
  • HURST Combi-Tool, hydraulic reel, and HANNAY electric cord reel in front extended bumper;
  • HURST rescue tool;
  • six HANNAY reels (two each air, electric cord, and hydraulic; three on each side of body);
  • oil-absorbent hopper;
  • WARN 4½-ton portable winch with four receivers;
  • six-cylinder air cascade system, SIERRA booster, EAGLE Sidewinder fill station, and rack for 14 spare SCBA cylinders;
  • Light and power with HARRISON 30-kw hydraulic generator, WILL BURT Night Scan, and eight FRC floodlights (two tripod at rear and six fixed scene lights on body). 

The Watertown (WI) Fire Department wanted a vehicle with both pumper and aerial capability. Fire Chief Henry Butts says that this E-ONE platform was chosen over an aerial ladder to better operate on steep roofs of structures in the town. The outrigger setup allows for better on-scene positioning than the aerial ladder it replaced.


  • Cyclone II chassis with 250-inch wheelbase and 12-inch raised roof cab with six seats;
  • DETROIT Series 60 515-hp diesel engine with ALLISON 4000 EVSP automatic transmission;
  • HALE 8FG single-stage, 2,000-gpm pump with two 1¾-inch crosslays;
  • E-ONE 300-gallon water tank;
  • 95-foot platform with 1,305-pound payload capacity and 15-foot, six-inch outrigger spread;
  • AKRON StreamMaster monitor on platform;
  • ROBINSON roll-up compartment door at driver’s side rear and four wheel well sleeves for spare SCBA cylinders; and
  • light and power with ONAN 10-kw hydraulic generator, six HAVIS SHIELDS COLLINS floodlights (two each brow, rear of cab, and on platform), two FEDERAL scene lights on cab, and two HANNAY electric cord reels.

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