By John M. MaleCKy

The Boyne Valley Township (MI) Fire Rescue Department replaced a pumper and a tanker with this HME pumper. Chief Jim Hawkins says that it is used first out and for medical calls. The presence of hydrants in the main response area allows the pumper to contain a small water tank. The short wheelbase and rear inlet allow the vehicle to maneuver in tight, narrow areas.


  • 1871 SFO chassis with 139-inch wheelbase and six-seat cab with EMS storage cabinet;
  • CUMMINS ISC 315-hp diesel engine with ALLISON 3000 EVS automatic transmission;
  • HALE Qflo single-stage, 1,250-gpm pump with HME Mad Dog CAFS and HALE Foamlogix 2.1A system, six-inch rear intake, three 1¾-inch crosslays, one rear 2½-inch discharge, and TFT Blitzfire hand monitor;
  • APR 500-gallon water and 30-gallon foam tanks;
  • through-the-tank storage for ladders, backboard, and pike poles;
  • GORTITE roll-up compartment doors and four wheel well sleeves for spare SCBA cylinders;
  • MEDTRONIC Lifepak 500 AED; and two AKRON Nightbreaker telescoping floodlights (one each at left-front and right-rear of body), and UNITY hosebed light.



The Chariton (IA) Fire Department uses this ALEXIS pumper as a first-out unit for both city and rural area calls. It also provides staffing and fire suppression standby at accidents, says Chief John Laing. It has a large water tank and a top-mount pump panel for safety and visibility.


  • SPARTAN chassis with 200-inch wheelbase and six-seat cab with 10-inch raised roof;
  • CATAPILLAR C7 330-hp diesel engine with ALLISON 3000 EVS-P automatic transmission;
  • HALE Qmax single-stage, 1,500-gpm pump with HYPRO Foam Pro 1600 system, 1¾-inch front bumper line, two cartridges for 1¾-inch line, rear 2½-inch preconnect, and AKRON Apollo monitor;
  • UPF 1,000-gallon water and 20-gallon foam tanks;
  • ROBINSON roll-up compartment doors and three wheel well sleeves for spare SCBA cylinders;
  • ZICO ladder rack; and lighting with one FRC brow light, two AKRON Extenda Lites behind cab, and two rear WHELEN scene lights.



The Fair Lawn (NJ) Fire Department replaced a 75-foot articulating platform with this KME mid-mount platform. Truck Committee Chairman James Wensell says the new truck has improved height and reach, and its ladder allows direct platform access and egress without having to return to the ground. It also carries more ground ladder footage in the rear, increasing storage capability.

Photo by author.


  • Predator LFD chassis with 258-inch wheelbase and six-seat cab with EMS compartment and 16-inch raised roof;
  • CUMMINS ISM 500-hp diesel engine with ALLISON 4000 EVS automatic transmission;
  • 95-foot platform with 1,000-pound payload capacity, AKRON StreamMaster monitor, and 18-foot outrigger spread;
  • five-inch inlet in both side compartments to feed waterway;
  • ROBINSON roll-up compartment doors;
  • rack for six spare SCBA cylinders;
  • 214 feet of ground ladders;
  • DEFIB TECH Lifeline AED; and
  • light and power with SMART POWER 15-kw PTO generator, seven FRC floodlights (one brow and on each side of cab, two behind platform, one bottom center of platform, and one center front), two HAVIS SHIELDS COLLINS spot/floodlights at front of platform, and two HANNAY electric cord reels.

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