Apparatus Deliveries: May 2021


The West Palm Beach (FL) Fire Rescue Department operates this MCI rescue unit built by EMERGENCY VEHICLES, INC.

  • KENWORTH T-370 chassis;
  • CUMMINS/PACCAR PX-9 360-hp diesel engine;
  • 18-foot walk-around MCI body with ROM roll-up compartment doors and CARE FREE electric awnings;
  • SEAFLO 5.5-gpm, 12-volt pump;
  • poly 200-gallon wash down tank; and
  • light and power with a MAGNUM three-kw generator, WILL BURT
    NS 2.3 600-watt light tower, and WHELEN scene lighting.

Emergency Vehicles, Inc.:(561) 848-6652/

To request information go to


The Parkland County (AB) Fire Services has in service this pumper/tanker built by FORT GARRY FIRE TRUCKS.

  • FREIGHTLINER M2 112 chassis;
  • CUMMINS L9 450-hp diesel engine;
  • Crusader model body;
  • HALE DSD 1,250-gpm pump with enclosed side panel, FOAM PRO 2001 system, and three speedlays (two 1½-inch and one 2½-inch);
  • Co Poly 3,000-Imperial-gallon water tank with three NEWTON 10-inch stainless-steel dump valves;
  • AMDOR roll-up compartment doors; and
  • FRC scene lighting.

Fort Garry Fire Trucks: (800) 565-3473 /

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After receiving three pumpers (previously reported on), the Rogers (AR) Fire Department placed in service a quint and a rescue truck, all manufactured by ROSENBAUER AMERICA.

Features/Equipment: (Quint)
  • Commander chassis with 11-inch raised-roof cab;
  • CUMMINS ISX 500-hp diesel engine;
  • WATEROUS S100 c 20d 1,500-gpm pump with Safe Scene Operator’s Panel (top-mount/side-mount design), and two 1¾-inch crosslays;
  • FOAM PRO 2001 system;
  • UPF 450-gallon water and 20-gallon foam tanks;
  • 78-foot Viper model aerial ladder with TFT Typhoon RC monitor;
  • ROM roll-up compartment doors;
  • FRC Inview 360° camera system; and
  • FRC, WHELEN, AND HIVIZ scene lighting.
Features/Equipment: (Rescue)
  • Commander chassis with three-door raised-roof cab;
  • CUMMINS L9 450-hp diesel engine;
  • command desk within the cab;
  • 24-foot walk-in body with ROM roll-up doors;
  • extended front bumper for extrication tools;
  • WARN 9,000-pound portable winch with four receivers;
  • four-cylinder air cascade system;
  • FRC InView 360° camera system;
  • four HANNAY reels (two electric cord and two air); and
  • light and power with an ONAN 25-kw PTO generator, WILL BURT light tower, and FRC scene lighting.

Rosenbauer America: (605) 543-5591/

To request information go to

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