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from Lion Apparel includes descriptions and photos of Janesville® and Body-Guard® turnouts, Lion Helmet systems, StationWear, Medic 1® three-season outerwear for EMS use, Isodri® protective systems, technical liner systems, compression systems, integrated rescue harness, integrated lumbar support, the California Ever-Dry-Reach System®, and the zip-in liner system. Sections cover burns, fibers, fabric, stitching, and performance standards beneficial when specifying protective clothing. (800) 421-2926.


the first product of its kind in the fire market, provides firefighters with an air-filtration source in times of emergency escape in a smoke- and fire-filled environment. The monolith filter inside the canister contains precious met-al catalysts that reduce the inhalation of carbon monoxide, acid gases, organic vapors, and particulates. Using the same nonindexed AirKlic&regattachment system used in Survivair SCBAs, the Smoke Eater is secured tightly to the front of the facepiece. (800) 821-7236. Web site:

Trelleborg Viking offers the best suit

on the market for following NFPA guidelines. The VP1 SUIT is an NFPA 1991-2000 certified suit, compliant as a single-skin garment. No need to buy costly overcovers that reduce motion flexibility. It is strong and dur-able enough for use as a training suit and then for an actual haz-mat incident response. All factors considered, your department will have complete flexibility of use. (800) 344-4458.

The redesigned Class I, Division 2 SURVIVOR® FLASHLIGHT

from Streamlight gives firefighters a superior level of visibility. Opera-tional for 1.7 continuous hours, the rechargeable flashlight features Smoke Cutter™ optics that penetrate smoke, fog, and mist with up to 25,000 candlepower. The Survivor features a new steel hinged door and latch for quick, accessible battery replacement and is available with the new PiggyBack® charging system that enables simultaneous charging of the light and a spare battery. (800) 523-7488.

Designed for safety and convenience,

the Smeal ERGONOMIC HOSE LOAD (EHL) brings the hosebed down to the firefighter. No more climbing on top of a wet, slippery apparatus to reload large-diameter hose (LDH). Extending 12 feet, six inches from the rear of the truck and positioned chest-high, the EHL holds a minimum of 1,000 feet of five-inch LDH. Smeal sets the standard for safety in fire/rescue apparatus. (402) 568-2224.

VFIS offers a comprehensive portfolio of insurance protection

and specialized services designed for Emergency Service Organizations. Today, VFIS insures more than 12,000 clients in 49 states and Canada. Recognizing that these valuable resources can help all emergency service organizations better serve their communities, our quality educational training, risk control and management programs are now available to all emergency service organizations. Additionally, VFIS provides quality consulting to fire, criminal justice, and EMS organizations. Web site: (800) 233-1957.

Angus Fire, part of Kidde Fire Fighting,

introduces FIREPOWER™ II FIREHOSE, designed as an interior attack fire hose with the performance needed for the aggressive tactics employed by today’s firefighters. It provides unbeatable and revolutionary anti-kink performance, outstanding heat resistance performance, incredible abrasion resistance, specialized construction and physical characteristics, a superb water-resistant jacket, significantly reduced drag resistance, and low friction loss. (610) 363-1400. Web site:


from Astaris, LLC provides superior foam generation at between 0.1- and 1.0-percent use concentration. Phos-Chek WD 881 has been tested by the U.S. Forest Service and is approved for use from ground engines, helicopter buckets, and helicopters equipped with fixed tanks. It’s a UL-listed wetting agent at 0.25 percent use rate effective on both Class A and B combustibles. (Insist on outside third-party testing to validate performance, environmental, safety and health, and corrosion standards.) Meets the requirements of NFPA 1150. Contains no EPA listed hazardous materials. (800) 682-FOAM (3626).

THE FIRETRUCK from W.S. Darley & Co.,

is a custom PolyVision, CAFS pumper that will be traveling coast to coast displaying the latest Darley fire apparatus designs and demonstrating the recent developments in AutoCAFS’ compressed air foam technology. Includes the new Darley LDMBC, CAFS-equipped, single-stage, midship-mounted pump. A 1,000-gallon water tank with integral 20-gallon foam tank supplies the pumping system, which is controlled by a recently developed top-mounted control panel. Features an HME four-door chassis, Cummins ISC 330-hp diesel engine, and Allison MD3060P automatic transmission. Other chassis are available. If your fire department is interested in seeing The FireTruck, call (800) 323-0244. Web site:

The Interspiro SPIROMATIC S3

is the newest version of the original Spiro-matic-S. The S3 is Interspiro’s second SCBA to pass all live agent tests (formal approval pending) necessary to be classified by NIOSH as CBRN- approved—the newest and highest standard for personal protection in chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) terrorist threat environments. In addition to being CBRN-hardened to protect against weapons of mass destruction exposures, the S3 offers all the performance features of the popular S2 model, including a simple, modular design for reliability. The S3 has already been selected as the SCBA of choice by the Chemical and Biological Incident Response Force (CBIRF), a 350-member military counterterrorism unit especially equipped to respond to chemical and biological threats worldwide. (203) 481-3899. Web site:

Introducing the safest way to store and transport SCBA

bottles in your fire station, the GEARMASTERS PORTABLE AIR BOTTLE TRUCK from P & R Products Company. It features Fire-Kote™ electrostatic epoxy finish; heavy-duty, push/pull steering handle; and standard backguards on all shelf levels. Additionally, it has rugged industrial swivel casters with two locking foot brakes and static-free polymer/ABS bottle bed liners. It easily stores up to 16 air cylinders and has dimensions of 24 X 36 X 41 inches. (800) 852-6088. Web site:

The INGER DOG (IN-Ground Exhaust Removal system)

from Inger Dog, Inc. is designed to give the highest durability, lowest maintenance, no adjustment, and the longest life. The three- to five-foot hose has no fittings on the end and hooks directly to adapter on vertical or horizontal exhausts. The Inger Dog also has automatic fan activation and a UL-approved control panel. The 100-percent point source capture system eliminates deadly fumes and provides a cleaner environment in your station. Let your mind center on the emergency call, not on the vehicle disconnection. Inger Dog disconnects safely at any speed. (800) 300-5438.

A new concept in Ram!

The P-25 and P-40 POWER PUSHER RAMS from Curtiss-Wright Flight Systems have no hydraulics and feature ZipnutT for fast, easy, and safe operation. They’re de-signed for use with the Power Hawk P-16 Rescue Tool or any other spreader rescue tool that fits the unique slot arrangement. Up to 18,000 pounds of spreading force. For building collapse, extend and lock the Power Pusher manually to stabilize in seconds. Rams are 16 to 23 inches long retracted and 27 to 40 inches fully extended. The E-48 Extender allows you to reach up to 120 inches. Web site: (800) PWR-HAWK, (973) 439-3865.

Intec® Video Systems, Inc.’s

VIDEO SENTINEL SCENE SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM is designed for use on aerial platform trucks. The fully remote positionable zoom camera allows the incident commander full scene overview with remote pan and tilt. VCR compatibility allows recording for later review and critique. It has a 2,400-foot thermal detection range, and optional wireless technology allows viewing from up to three miles away. It provides high-resolution color images and has a motorized zoom lens for detailed viewing. (800) 468-3254.

Waterous Company’s MONARCH� INTAKE VALVE

is designed to simplify firefighting operations. It includes a super short intake fitting, a six-inch butterfly valve, and a six-inch hose nipple with an integral dump valve-mounting flange. The Monarch is available with manual or air actuator and mounts behind the side panels on the fire apparatus. Options include a pneumatic actuator, a front intake flange, and a Waterous intake relief valve. If ordered with a new Waterous midship pump, Waterous will install and test the Monarch system. (612) 450-5000.

Now you can instantly connect your Firecom HEADSETS

to almost any portable radio and maintain communications on-scene. Take control of incident command, operate the pump panel, communicate from the aerial, or perform any other remote operation without missing a second of vit-al information. The system includes a specially modified Fire-com Headset with a customized adapter that connects directly to your existing port-able radio and adds required hearing protection that meets NFPA 1500 standards. (800) 527-0555.

The G.E.M. SYSTEM� from Grace Industries, Inc.

provides automated personnel accountability at the emergency incident. Combining PASS technology with spread-spectrum radio signals, the G.E.M. System indicates the status of all personnel present on the scene. If a firefighter’s T-PASS® alarm activates, the person’s identity is displayed on the LCD incident census screen in seconds. The G.E.M. System also indicates whether the firefighter’s T-PASS device is activated. (800) 204-7277.

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