ATL Pillow Tanks Used to Avert New Jersey Disaster

Aero Tec Laboratories (ATL) of Ramsey, New Jersey, the world leader in flexible containment solutions, is extremely proud to learn that their pillow tanks played a significant role in a brilliant cleanup effort by the FDNY after a scary fuel tanker accident earlier this month.

A tank truck, carrying over 12,000 gallons of gasoline, flipped over while navigating the Bruckner Interchange, one of the busiest interchanges in the country located in The Bronx, New York.

Due to the hard impact, a leak sprung in the wall of the tanker, spilling gasoline on the highway and surrounding areas. Thanks to the quick response of the FDNY’s firefighters and HAZMAT teams and also to ATL’s “Petro-Flex” pillow tanks, over 1,700 gallons of leaking gasoline was safely transferred from the tanker to multiple ATL bladders. These collapsible ATL tanks bought valuable time while a second tanker truck was en-route to unload remaining fuel from the overturned rig.

Each of the FDNY’s HAZMAT teams is equipped with multiple 500 gallon ATL pillow tanks, used for both petroleum-based products as well as chemicals, which ultimately take the place of cumbersome and heavy 55 gallon steel drums. In this particular incident, it would have taken over thirty 55-gallon drums to contain what four ATL pillow tanks stored in a more timely and safer manner.

ATL congratulates and admires the brave and highly skilled men and woman who spent over 8 hours at the scene of the spill, risking their lives to quell a very dangerous situation.

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