Boston Fire Commissioner Responds to ‘No Confidence’ Letter

Boston Fire Commissioner Rodrick Fraser sounded off against the 13 deputy chiefs, calling them a “bunch of dinosaurs” for resisting change and being “unprofessional” for releasing a letter to the media saying they had no confidence in their chief for not taking command during the chaos after the marathon bombings, reports The Boston Herald.

“I think this whole thing in my opinion is a revolt against change by a bunch of dinosaurs. They don’t run the department. I do,” Fraser told city councilors at a Ways & Means Committee hearing, adding that the department’s response protocol is in line with national standards.

The 13 deputy chiefs recently sent a letter to Mayor Thomas M. Menino voicing “no confidence” in Fire Chief Steve Abraira for not taking command at the deadly marathon bombing, as well as other fire scenes.

Boston’s long-standing policy has been for the highest-ranking officer to take charge at a scene, but Abraira said Tuesday he changed that policy to comply with “national standards.” He also said his deputies’ job is to handle on-scene operations and said he was satisfied with the marathon response.

Today he told councilors that by the time he arrived on the scene of the bombings on April 15, there were no more victims.

“By the time I got there we had things well in hand,” he said.

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