Boy Killed in Troy (NY) Fire

A fire that killed a seven-year-old boy Sunday in Troy, New York, is under investigation.

According to the Albany Times Union, the fire at around 5 a.m. consumed four buildings and displaced 20 people.

According to Sidewinder Photography, City of Troy units responded with reports of a baby trapped in the building. Engine 6 arrived on scene to find heavy fire pushing from the center of two buildings. Firefighters from multiple engine companies arrived on scene and began to force their way into the adjacent apartment building.

After receiving reports from police about children being trapped, firefighters initiated search operations and located and removed a child from one of the affected buildings.

While firefighters were conducting vertical ventilation on the roof of the multiple-dwelling, the second floor of the building flashed over, sending fire out of every window in the rear, sides, and front of the building, and the ladder firefighters had used to get to the roof became enveloped in fire. According to Sidewinder Photography, firefighters moved the ladder to another uninvolved area so members could scramble down to safety.

Fire crews ultimately switched to a defensive posture as the fire involved multiple buildings, and there was a substantial collapse in the primary fire building.


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