Burning Man Rescued by Two Women After Allentown (PA) House Fire

A man was hurt but helped to safety by a neighbor and a passerby this morning in a fire that badly damaged his home in Allentown, reports lehighvalleylive.com.

The man was working on the gas tank of his car in his garage and was dragged out — on fire — by two women, one of whom was a neighbor and the other who was driving by and saw the fire.

Once free of the garage, they soaked him with a garden hose to put out the flames, Capt. John Christopher said at the scene.

The man, who lives in the home, was taken to Lehigh Valley Hospital in Salisbury Township, Christopher said. He suffered burns to his lower extremities.

The man’s wife, hearing the commotion, opened the door from the living room to the garage and the fire jumped into the house, Christopher said. The tan-sided, two-story home is not habitable, he said.

“This took off in a hurry,” Christopher said, adding there were a lot of petroleum products in the garage.

Five city fire vehicles arrived to fight the fire, which crews could see from Lehigh Street, he said. Fire officials were still looking for an ignition source, he said.

Read more of the story here bit.ly/1gq0k4S

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