CA Emergency Crews Speak Out on Dramatic Bridge Rescue


By Kevin Dolak and Katti Gray

Emergency workers and Navy Seebees who saved a mother and her two children as her smashed car dangled from a bridge said they set aside their emotions to engineer the harrowing rescue.

Kelli Lynne Groves, her 10-month-old baby Milo, and 10-year-old daughter Sage were driving on California’s Highway 101 near Santa Barbara when they were suddenly rear-ended by a big-rig truck.

Groves’ BMW was left hanging practically sideways this past Thursday on the side of a bridge as the truck plummeted 100 feet into a ravine and burst into flames, killing the driver, Charles Allison Jr., instantly.

After the accident, Groves and her children were fortunate to have U.S. Navy Seabees, who happened to be driving along the highway with the type of equipment needed to save them from the deadly plummet, stopped to aid the family. The crew quickly joined forces with emergency workers in the rescue.

Read more and watch the dramatic video HERE

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