CA Firefighter Tells of Fire That Killed Colleague

A veteran Los Angeles (CA) Fire Department captain testified Wednesday about being trapped beneath a collapsed ceiling during a fire that killed a fellow firefighter.

Edward Watters told the story at a preliminary hearing to determine if German architect Gerhard Becker will stand trial for involuntary manslaughter amid claims of shoddy construction on the house that burned in the Hollywood Hills, the San Jose Mercury News reported (). Becker has pleaded not guilty.

Five other firefighters were injured in the 2011 fire. Firefighter Glenn Allen, 61, died two days after being freed from a ceiling collapse during the incident.

“I just heard a loud bang,” Watters recalled. “And then I’m down. I see a lot of fire above my head. I’m lying on my back and I’m buried. When I opened my eyes up, I’m looking at fire.”

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