After Wildfires, CA Residents Offer Thanks to Firefighters

Photos by Ed Sherman

As the devastating wildfires in San Diego County, California, were brought under control, an outpouring of public appreciation emerged. These and others signs sprang up in many of the communities where firefighters had worked vigorously to save as many homes as possible under difficult conditions. In one neighborhood in San Marcos, where the fire was particularly destructive, a group of four children, whose homes were saved, held up a sign thanking first responders for their efforts and offering them bottles of cool refreshments.

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Thank You For Saving Our Homes

Thank You First Responders and Marines

We Love Our Firefighters

Thank You Brave Heroes for Doing an Amazing Job

Thank You Firefighters

Another sign thanking firefighters

Thanks You and God Bless All Firefighters and Police

Thank you firefighters for saving our homes

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