CA Town to Charge for Medical Aid

The fire department in Folsom (CA) will begin charging $225 for emergency medical services, reports CBS News.

“The real issue is how do we provide the essential services the community is seeking from us?” Folsom Fire Chief Ron Phillips said.

Currently Folsom residents are treated by paramedics for free because it is covered by the Fire Department. The fee is an additional cost on top of taxes residents already pay and applies whether or not the patient is actually transported to the hospital.

The new revenue — expected to bring in $250,000 in the next fiscal year — will go toward gas, supplies and paramedic personnel, according to the report.

Folsom is not the first city to charge a fee for medical aid. Sacramento Metro Fire already charges $275 for medical aid and Sacramento Fire has a smaller fee of $96 if the patient does not go to the hospital.

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