CentreLearn Training System Course Builder Enables Mid Georgia Ambulance to Provide Cost Effective Custom Training

CentreLearn Solutions, LLC offers a diverse and dynamic solution for EMS and Fire departments who need to provide timely custom training to their personnel while easily keeping track of completion status and compliance. Mid Georgia Ambulance, a long time CentreLearn customer and early adopter of online training, has shared their successes in a case study distributed last month at Pinnacle-EMS. 

With CentreLearn, personnel can have access to the same training at the same time, which improves consistency of the material presented and reduces the wear and tear on department vehicles and other resources. Mark Bandy, NREMT-P, Director of Clinical Education and Performance Improvement at Mid Georgia Ambulance said, “As Mid Georgia Ambulance spreads from the Florida and Alabama border to the suburbs of Atlanta, we need to ensure all associates receive timely training. Face-to-face instruction takes a month or more to reach all of our associates. We need to address an issue immediately rather than waiting to visit each shift at every station. Easier access and always available training helps MGA reduce training related costs.” The CentreLearn Training System, accessible from smartphones and tablets, allows associates to complete training anytime and anywhere. 

Bandy went on to say, “At MGA, it is our goal to utilize the latest in EMS technology, which allows us to treat each patient to the best of our abilities. Mid Georgia Ambulance offers dynamic training for our associates. We utilize distributive education through CentreLearn, hands-on competencies, and classroom training. Our goal is to provide quality, meaningful education and training to all of our clinical associates. We want our medics to succeed and help us grow our profession.””

In addition to almost 300 courses that are included with the CentreLearn Training System, Training Managers can use the Course Builder feature to create custom online courses that comply with local protocols. These custom courses can include a variety of media and file types. Training Managers can create a course that includes elements such as product training videos that stream from YouTube or an mp4 video file that is uploaded to the Training System, SlideShare presentations, an embedded Google Form to gather data, .pdf files, or a number of other file formats. Bandy added, “We load our own training videos, published from PowerPoint files, as course components. Recently we have created our own online courses: Violent Patient Encounters, King Airway Insertion, and 12-Lead ECG Electrode Placement.”

Using the CentreLearn Training System, Training Managers can easily assign training to their personnel, monitor progress, and report completion to maintain compliance with local and national protocol requirements. Read the full Case Study from Mid Georgia Ambulance.


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