Challenge Coins Requested for Recovering Bryan (TX) Firefighters

Firefighter AJ Jarrett and Lt. Chris Framsted of the South Brazos County Fire Department are working to collect department challenge coins for the two Bryan (TX) firefighters who were injured in the structure fire which killed Lt. Eric Wallace and Lt. Greg Pickard on the evening of Friday, February 15, 2013.

Probationary Firefighter Mitch Moran and Firefighter Ricky Mantey were part of the RIT team, along with Lt. Pickard who were tasked with the rescue of Lt. Wallace. Firefighters Moran and Mantey suffered severe burns during their heroic rescue of Lt. Wallace, and like Lt. Wallace, Lt. Pickard also made the supreme sacrifice and succumbed to his burns and died on February 16, 2013. Firefighters Moran and Mantey have a long painful road to recovery, as we all know the devastating results of burn injuries.

As a show of unified support from the world-wide firefighting family, Firefighter Jarrett and Lt. Framsted are asking any fire department who wishes to participate to mail two (2) of your department or station challenge coins to the following address:

Andrew Jarrett

PO Box 11045

College Station, TX 77845

Firefighter Jarrett and Lt. Framsted wish to thank you all in advance for your support for these fallen heroes.

God bless you all.


Chris Framsted, Lt/EMT-P

South Brazos County Fire Department

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