Champion Rescue Tools to Release Free Extrication Training DVD at FRI

Champion Rescue Tools, the leader in next-generation, hydraulic rescue tools able to quickly cut apart the safest, 5-star crash-rated vehicles, and Volvo Cars of North America continue to demonstrate their mission to keep vehicle passengers safe and help firefighters save lives. Their jointly-sponsored Five Star Extrication Training Academy proudly announces the upcoming national release of its latest free new vehicle technology (NVT) extrication training tool for firefighters: the Five Star Crash Course training DVD.

This NVT extrication training DVD features the latest new vehicle construction, exotic materials, updated extrication techniques, the most advanced hydraulic rescue tools and safety. To date, the Five Star Extrication Training Academy has trained thousands of firefighter training officers and their departments in the latest techniques and tools to speed extrication of victims of serious accidents involving the safest, 5-star crash-rated vehicles.

This unique training tool will be introduced, and handed out free, to qualified fire fighters at the Fire-Rescue International conference in Dallas, TX, August 25 – 29, 2009 at Champion’s exhibit booth # 2343. Attendees of FRI will not only be able to receive this free training DVD at Champion Rescue Tools’ exhibit booth, but also to meet and talk with the Five Star Extrication Training Academy’s nationally-recognized fire service instructors. A video introduction to the Five Star Extrication Training Academy is available on Champion Rescue Tools’ homepage:

“Champion’s no-cost Five Star Extrication Training Academy has received great acclaim and attention from fire departments around the country,” said Alan Discount, Champion Rescue Tools’ CEO. “Our mission is to save lives; and the huge interest in our free training academy made us realize the best way to train more firefighters in the best techniques and tools to get victims out of 5-star crash-rated automobiles was to make our training academy classes available at no cost on DVD.”

“Every day victims of serious accidents in 5-star crash-rated vehicles wait while many fire departments use obsolete tools to cut through the tougher metals used in new vehicle technology construction,” said Carl Haddon, Champion’s National Training Director. “This waiting time is crucial in the ‘golden hour’ fire fighters have to extricate injured accident victims and get them to needed medical treatment. Our hope is that the new information provided in our Academy classes and this DVD will help firefighters work more effectively and safely when dealing with accidents involving newer, 5-star crash-rated cars.”

“Volvo has been thrilled to provide in excess of $700,000 of new cars this year alone to help firefighters learn more about new car construction and how to be successful in quickly performing passenger extrications,” said James Hope, Senior Manager Product Communications for Volvo Cars of North America. “By partnering with Champion Rescue Tools and a variety of additional sponsors that make up the Five Star Training Academy, we have been able to help train firefighters, and indirectly save more lives – which is one of Volvo’s core values. In fact, in an effort to further expand the distribution of this much-needed training information, Volvo will be posting the Five Star Crash Course training DVD on its website and its blog,, after its debut at the FRI conference in Dallas, August 25th.”

Champion Rescue Tools,, is the technology leader in next generation, hydraulic rescue tools. The company’s patented line of vehicle extrication tools is proving to be the most effective and efficient tools to quickly remove victims of serious vehicle accidents, particularly in the safest cars being manufactured today. Founded as Patton Hydraulics in 1978, the company has built specialty hydraulic tools for a variety of industrial applications for customers including GM, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Honda, and Chrysler. Champion is the sponsor, along with Volvo Cars of North America and leading fire equipment manufacturers, of the no-cost Five Star Extrication Training Academy.

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