Charlotte Woman Seriously Injured in House Fire

Passersby kicked in the door of a woman’s Ballantyne home Wednesday morning, as flames burst through her windows on Tamarron Drive, reports
Curtis Wilson was one of two men trying to force the door and save her.
“I was hitting it with my shoulder, but couldn’t get it,” Wilson said.

A second man was able to break open the door, but the smoke kept them from getting inside.
“When he got it open smoke came up, and the ceiling had collapsed there. It was burnt, charred, everything,” Wilson said.
Firefighters found the woman neighbors identified as Debbie Young on the floor near the front door.  She was unconscious.
More than 20 firefighters descended quickly on the house.  When they arrived, frightened neighbors were outside.
Eden Kidane was going to the blackened windows, yelling for her neighbor.
“I was trying to call, ‘Debbie come out! Debbie come out!’ But she wouldn’t come out,” she said through tears.

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