Chicago Firefighters Respond to Restaurant Kitchen Fire

Chicago fire crews responded to a 2-11 alarm for a recent fire in a restaurant.

The fire apparently originated in the kitchen area of a restaurant and spread into the ductwork and in an inaccessible cockloft area. After a short time, firefighters ended up operating on the exterior of the structure.

Two tower ladders, a snorkel, and a few handlines operated in what turned into a several hour operation in single-digit temperatures.

There were several occupancies involved and the elevated CTA station and tracks were right adjacent to the rear of the fire building. The transit operation was shut down and the newly remodeled station appeared to get a lot of smoke.

A very large billboard sign was also a major collapse concern throughout the operation as the anchor and support for the sign was attached to the roof of the fire building.

See more photos from this incident HERE.

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