Cincinnati (OH) Fire Crews Rescue Painter from Lift Truck Fire

According to a report from WCPO, Cincinnati (OH) Fire Department (CFD) crews worked into Wednesday night removing a lift truck that ignited and trapped a painter in its elevated bucket.

CFD firefighters were dispatched to the Parkland Theatre after the truck hit power lines, starting a fire. One painter was trapped in the lift’s bucket 25 feet above the ground. He was later rescued with the aid of a Duke Energy operator, only suffering minor smoke inhalation.

The painter was trapped on the lift for about 30 minutes. Duke Energy had to cut the power as CFD crews worked, which also cut the power for most of the neighborhood, including the theater and its attached apartments.

CFD District Chief Todd Stegmuller said the fire happened across the street from CFD’s Station 50, so crews were able to respond quickly to extinguish the flames.

Cincy Fire & EMS/Twitter

Parkland Theater Owner Ed Miller said the fire did not damage the theater, but did damage part of the bar. No one was seriously hurt, and Miller said they will reopen again Friday once everything is cleaned.

The power in Sayler Park was restored at around 8 p.m., with the exception of the theater, which will be restored once the lift is removed.

CFD said the estimated damage of the fire came to nearly $57,000.


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