Cleveland Firefighters Make Wager with San Francisco Firefighters

Cleveland Fire Station No. 7 on Woodland Avenue knows a thing or two about basketball and winning, they’re the City Champs four years in a row, reports

Now, they’re banking on the Cleveland Cavaliers to help them win a bet with San Francisco Fire Station No. 7.

The loser of the wager sends a couple dozen firefighter T-shirts to the winners. 

“Hopefully when the Cleveland and Golden State series is over, we will be wearing some San Francisco T-shirts a week from now,” said Cleveland Fire Captain Mark Sahley.

Turns out betting T-shirts on big games between competing cities is a firefighter tradition, and while the Cavs are plagued by injuries and with their backs against the wall, Cleveland firefighters said that’s a part of the game and life.

“Every working man in this city works through pain and adversity and they get up and they do their job. When the day is done, they will be happy to say they gave it their all,” said Cleveland Firefighter John Eddy.

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