Firefighters Battle Cliffside Park (NJ) Fire

In the early evening of November 18, 2014, firefighters with the Cliffside Park (NJ) Fire Department was dispatched for a reported working fire at a construction site on Walker St. and Cliff Ln.

On arrival, the first chief  reported a four-story frame condo complex under construction with heavy fire on the top floor. All incoming engines were ordered to bring water and responding ladder companies were advised to prepare for ladder pipe operations on arrival.

With portions of the building already collapsing, an exposure problem of several buildings and severe flying ember conditions, command requested a second alarm followed by an urgent third alarm to the scene.

Companies established a perimeter with several elevated master streams, deck guns and large-caliber handlines to darken the fire down in about an hour. High winds and frigid record breaking temperatures hampered operations.

As this fire was being brought under control with most of the visible fire extinguished, a North Hudson Regional Fire Rescue company positioned on Palisades Ave., around the corner from the original fire, and reported a fire in a three-story frame occupied multiple dwelling at 325 Palisades Ave.

A handline was immediately stretched into the building to the top floor, where heavy smoke was showing as well as pushing from the cockloft. Mutual aid companies, which were lined up on Palisades Ave., repositioned and companies from the original fire walked around the corner and went back to work.

About 15 minutes into the fire, command sounded the evacuation as heavy fire was over running the cockloft and dropping into the third floor. Wiithin 10 minutes of the members evacuating the building heavy fire, was showing out the rear windows on the top floor. Eventually, the fire broke through the roof. With the help of the wind, fire extended towards the front of the building and destroyed the top floor and roof. 

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