Connecticut Firefighter Claims He Was Harassed Because of Religion

A Hamden firefighter said he was discriminated while doing his job and is now suing the town and the fire chief, reports CNN.

Ray Pouncey said his faith is extremely important to him, but said he was harassed because of his religion.

He is a Jehova’s Witness, and is also a firefighter and EMT in the town of Hamden, a job he has held for 18 years.

He said for nearly his entire career he’s been dealing with a “hostile work environment because of his faith.”

Pouncey spoke first to Eyewitness News to share his story.

“That’s the part that really hurts, I wasn’t doing anything to be disruptive I just wanted to exercise my faith as I am, a devout Jehovah’s Witness,” Pouncey said.

Ever since he refused to march in a Memorial Day parade in 2000, he said he has received brutal backlash.

“Damage to my vehicle, slashed tires, scratched paint, transfers. I got flags in my interdepartmental mail slot,” Pouncey said.

He said he has dealt with the alleged harassment by not just his co-workers but also his superiors.

“I didn’t put it together until I was told by an officer that I’m a marked man because my religion in his opinion is abnormal and he felt I should have marched back in that parade,” Pouncey said.

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