Conventional Forcible Entry Basics: Inward-Opening Doors

By Danny Troxell
Captain, Washington, D.C. Fire Department
Instructor, Traditions Training LLC

A number of years ago, hydraulic forcible entry tools were introduced to the fire service. These tools have been improved over the years, and are very effective in gaining quick entry through heavily secured doors. They are now standard equipment in most fire departments throughout the country and are often a firefighter’s first choice when it comes to selecting tools to force inward-opening doors. However, these hydraulic tools often suffer mechanical failure during forcible entry operations. Because of this, the forcible entry firefighter should always have the irons (axe and halligan bar) with them as well. Unfortunately, though, forcible entry operations using the irons have become a lost art in some departments.

As such, what follows is a quick review of conventional forcible entry operations on inward-opening doors using the “shock, gap, set, force” and “crush, clear, control” method. The step-by-step procedures for this method are outlined in this drill. Hopefully, it will provide your members with yet another tool in the toolbox that can be used when this operation is required on the fireground.)

(Click image to download as a PDF.)


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